Best PS4 Headsets in 2019

Choosing the best PS4 headset can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Make sure you buy the headset that makes your game immersive, let you hear every single movement and pinpoint the enemy location. Hence selecting a gaming Headset for PS4 is becomes difficult.

Top Pick Best Overall Pick Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
  • 322g
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Best for PS4 Pro Best for PS4 Pro Razer Nari Ultimate
  • 430g
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Most Comfortable Most Comfortable Sennheiser Game One
  • 300g
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Best Sound Best Sound SteelSeries Arctis Pro
  • 312g
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Best for Hardcore gamers Best for Hardcore gamers Sony Wireless Platinum
  • 318g
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Budget Pick Budget Pick Turtle Beach Recon 70P
  • 431g
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Lightest Headset Lightest Headset Beyerdynamic Custom Game
  • 282g
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There are some good wireless models like official Sony PlayStation, Razer nari ultimate which you can buy under $200. We too have some wired models with 3.5mm connection like Razer Kraken Tournament Edition and Turtle Beach 70P which you can get under $100.

You can choose any of these best ps4 headsets which will provide you super-rich premium audio experience.

For use, you can connect most of these ps4 headsets directly to your ps4 controller by 3.5mm connection and wireless models that you can connect to your console by Bluetooth. There are very few Bluetooth compatible headsets for PS4. We have also tested the headset with PS4 Pro and found Razer Nari ultimate is compatible with it.

All these headsets we mentioned are great for comfort and long gaming sessions and provide you value for money. See also our recommendations for the best gaming headphones under 100, and the best gaming headsets for Xbox One.

The Best PS4 Headset 2019

These are our favorite PS4 headsets with cheapest prices in performance vs comfort balance.

Best PS4 Headset under 100  – Razer Kraken Tournament Edition $99

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
Acoustic design: Closed Back | Cable length: 1.3m | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 322g | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, mobile

If nothing is more important to you than great audio quality and high-end features, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is the best PS4 headset. It is ideal for online games as it features stellar 5.1 surround sound capabilities with a 3.5mm connection on PS4. You will be able to pinpoint enemy movement in online multiplayer games all the time thanks to the immersive audio. 

The Tournament Edition of the Kraken headset also features 7.1 audio, but only if you use it on PC. The Tournament Edition also features THX spatial audio, which offers 360-degree immersion, making it an ideal gaming headset for single-player games. This headset comes with a professional grade microphone which sounds pretty clear.

The cooler ear cushions on the Kraken Tournament Edition offer top-notch ventilation, making it comfortable for long hours of gaming. Whether you are a competitive gamer or love casual single-player games, the Kraken Tournament Edition is a complete package for any PS4 owner. 

This is headset is a perfect balance between performance and price and better audio in this price range.

Best PS4 Pro headset– Razer Nari Ultimate $195

Razer Nari Ultimate
Acoustic design: Closed Back | Battery life: 8 hours with HyperSense, 20 hours without | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 430g | Compatibility: PS4, PS4 Pro

The Razer Nari Ultimate is the only pair of headphones you can get from Razer with rumble features. This HyperSense rumble feature on this PS4 headset allows you to experience vibrations when explosions happen in-game. While it might sound gimmicky, it definitely helps with multiplayer gaming and adds immersion. You can also turn off this function. Even though this is not a revolutionize feature you will find in other gaming headsets but you can try on this one. 

This headset is a great wireless model, offers approximately 8 hours of battery life with rumble on. If you turn off rumble, you get a whopping 20 hours of battery life beating out every other product on this list. You can also use the headset in wired mode for long gaming sessions. 

The Razer Nari Ultimate’s unique features and design make it a great choice for PS4 gamers who want a solid gaming headset with closed-back design. It is light and comfortable, you won’t feel it on your head. 

The ear cups are big and deep with memory foam on earcups provide you more comfort while cooling gel will keep your ears cool for longer than usual. Overall this is a good PS4 headset that offers some of the best audio with HyperSense technology you will ever get on a headset. Trust me you’ve never experienced anything like this on headsets.

Best Open Back– Sennheiser Game One $128

Sennheiser Game One

Sennheiser’s Game One is the number one open-back ps4 headset available for Playstation owners. Open-back headphones offer unmatched immersion, something every gamer wants. The velvet earpads are breathable and allow outside into your ears for more realism. 

The microphone is among the best in its class with great noise cancellation, and it works with any multiplayer game on PS4. If you own multiple consoles, you can simply swap out the provided cables to connect your Game One headset to PCs, Macs, and other consoles.

The in-line controls on the Game One make it very convenient for you to adjust the volume or toggle your mic without using the remote. Overall, Game One is a fantastic product and one of the only open-back gaming headsets available for PS4 gamers. 

Best Wired PS4 Headset – SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC $203

SteelSeries Arctis Pro
Acoustic design: Closed Back | Cable length: 1.5m | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 312g | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, mobile

The Arctis Pro is the best ps4 headset on this list with its high-res audio system that provides clarity and range. You are getting full value for money because of the customizable hardware and software features. The headset as an OLED light strip that you can customize to match your gaming setup. 

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro comes with its own DAC, which is a significant upgrade over the sound card on the PS4. The GameDAC peripheral bundled with the Arctis Pro improves the sound quality with high-resolution audio capabilities and unmatched clarity.

The audio settings can be difficult to set up when you plug in the Arctis Pro for the first time, but it is worth it. The audio quality is ideal for single player games because of the immersive audio that it offers, and the GameDAC’s sound improvements are worth every penny. 

Best Wireless PS4 Headset – Sony Wireless Platinum $116

Sony Wireless Platinum
Acoustic design: Closed Back | Battery life: 6 hours | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 318g | Compatibility: PS4

This is the official model from Sony for PlayStation gamers.

It is impossible to find the best wireless headset for PS4 that offers better audio quality than the Sony Wireless Platinum. The 50mm drivers on the Sony headsets offer great clarity with 7.1 surround sound. Sony has also added in-game audio profiles to customize your experience for their exclusive games. 

The headset comes with a companion app which you can use on your PS4 to adjust all your audio settings. It is also compatible with the PlayStation VR headset, making it perfect for virtual reality gaming. If you run out of battery, you can always plug in your 3.5mm cable that comes with the package for uninterrupted gaming. 

The premium build quality features a metallic finish, and it is completely foldable, making it perfect for carrying around. It is Sony’s best offering from the official headset lineup for PS4, and we recommend picking it up. 

Best PS4 Headset under 50 – Turtle Beach Recon 70P $39

Turtle Beach Recon 70P
Acoustic design: Closed Back | Cable length: 1.5m | Weight: 431g | Drivers: 40mm | Compatibility: PS4, PS4 Pro, PC, Xbox One, Nintendon Switch

If you are looking for the best cheap ps4 headset that offers reasonable sound quality and all the basic features, the 70P from Turtle Beach is the best option. Despite its low price tag, the audio performance is as good as mid-range headsets from popular brands. 

The surround sound enhancements implemented by Turtle Beach work quite well, and you will definitely love the immersive audio the 70P offers. When it comes to design, the padding on the 70P is quite good for a budget headset. We wear the headset for long hours and don’t feel uncomfortable at all. 

The meshed earcups keep your ears cool, and you can easily adjust them thanks to the folding design. Overall, the Recon 70P is the best turtle beach wireless headset for ps4 that offers great value for money. 

Best Premium PS4 Headset – Beyerdynamic Custom Game $153

Beyerdynamic Custom Game
Acoustic design: Closed Back | Cable length: 1.5m | Weight: 282g | Drivers: 50mm | Compatibility: PS4, PC, Switch, phones, tablets

Are you looking for a premium quality PS4 headset? Beyerdynamic is known for its premium headphones for hardcore music lovers, but the brand is also delving into premium gaming headsets. Its Custom Game lineup offers unmatched comfort paired with best-in-class audio quality. 

We tested its capabilities in games like The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and other first-party PS4 exclusives and were very impressed. You will be able to pick up distant sounds very easily. The surround sound is very accurate, unlike other headsets, making it ideal for multiplayer gaming. 

Even though the Custom Game is very hefty, it did not make us uncomfortable thanks to the comfortable cushions and adjustable headband. The sturdy build quality combined with the premium hardware that it makes it the best premium headset to go for.


You know it is not always easy to pick the best ps4 headset or more than that unless you test it yourself. But guess what you can’t do testing every time. Hence we have written these ps4 headsets reviews to make the process easy for you.

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