Best Gaming Monitors For Xbox One X – 2020 Reviews

Best Monitors For Xbox One

If you have been playing on TV’s all your life you may not know what to look for while choosing a gaming monitor for Xbox one x. Console gaming on a monitor may be a better alternative for some gamers. You have to pick the monitor based on these requirements like Resolution (1080P or 4K), Refresh Rate, HDR (color performance), connectivity like HDMI 2.0, Freesync VRR technology, and panel size. After the upgrade of Xbox One X, we can take advantage of various new tech in gaming monitor field like FreeSync VRR, and 1440p resolution.

We have reviewed nearly 35 monitors which are specially for Xbox and out of them here are our top recommendations for the best monitors for Xbox One X to buy in 2020. The monitor we have mentioned below, you can play any type of games available on Xbox and enjoy 4k-content games. You can also check our other lists in the best monitors for Ps4.

Best Gaming Monitor For Xbox One: ASUS VG279Q


There is a strong reason we have ranked The ASUS VG279Q as the best monitor for Xbox One X. This monitor has a 1080p native resolution which is what we require to run games with 60 fps on Xbox. Even though this monitor has a refresh rate of 144Hz which you can’t utilize for an Xbox.

If you play Halo then the 1ms response time and with 100 million to 1 contrast ratio at 60Hz will provide you with outstanding gaming experience. You won’t see any blur and will be in full control of your game due to excellent motion handling and low input lag. This monitor doesn’t have an HDR feature but still delivers a completely amazing gaming experience.

We really like this ASUS VG279Q, it is very vibrant and real life. Asus has also taken care of your eyes by providing a 70% reduction in blue light in 4 levels and a flicker-free screen. If you have a room with lots of windows you can adjust the input and brightness with a single 4 directional knob. This ASUS VG279Q IPS monitor has a good contrast ratio and Shadow Boost technology which they claim can increase the brightness in dark areas but still, it doesn’t look good in a dark room.

Although this monitor has wide viewing angles, still you can adjust it according to your comfort for co-op gaming. We didn’t like that we can’t adjust the height but you can tilt the monitor. There is something new which we haven’t seen in any other monitor is the setting panel which is given in the back to control with a joystick. It has 2 HDMI ports, a display port, and an audio out port. Overall if you want to use it for Xbox, this is an excellent gaming monitor.

1440p Co-op Gaming Alternative: Aorus AD27QD

Aorus AD27QD

If you don’t like somethings in ASUS VG279Q we have an alternative for you that is Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD. It is the best 1440p alternatives for our top pick. This monitor also has a low response time of 1 ms and a higher refresh rate of 144Hz like Asus but with a higher resolution screen and wider viewing angles. There is no ghosting or smearing due to excellent motion handling and low input lag. You won’t see any visible backlight bleed but the IPS panel may have some glow in the top right corner. Being an Xbox one Freesync monitor it will deliver an outstanding gaming experience.

On comparing this monitor to the Asus which in our opinion is the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X for most gamers there is a difference of higher resolution and wider viewing angles in this model which is good for co-op gaming. Being the IPS panel this monitor too doesn’t look good in a dark room like Asus even though it has a good contrast ratio.

So in all, if you are looking for top-end 1440p 144hz IPS freesync with professional-grade color accuracy then Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD is the best 1440p cooperative gaming monitor for the Xbox One.

1440p Alternative: Samsung C27HG70

Samsung C27HG70

The main difference between the above two and Samsung C27HG70 is the performance between the darkroom due to its VA panel. We also know that IPS monitors have much better color accuracy and response time as compared to VA.

So if you want something with higher resolution like Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD and better performance in dark room than pick Samsung C27HG70. You will get the same 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate and 3,000:1 contrast ratio for crisp and clear with deep blacks and bright highlights. But the only thing is the VA panel that separates it from Asus and Aorus. Although it still provides you similar gaming experience with low input lag but worse motion handling due to its panel type which is the concern here.

The wide viewing angles will not be there like top two picks but in all its good for gaming, best in the darkroom. So again, for Best Xbox one gaming monitor is ASUS VG279Q and Samsung CHG70 is a good alternative for darkroom gamers.

Best 4k Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X: LG 27UK650-W

LG 27UK650-W

There is a strong reason we make it LG 27UK650-W as the best 4k monitor for Xbox One X. This sleek designed 27-inch monitor is bright and shiny with great color accuracy. The colors are so refreshing that you won’t see any dead pixel which in turn provides good picture quality. Although this monitor has good motion handling, low input lag and Freesync support for a perfect candidate, the thing we didn’t like is its 60Hz refresh rate. Even though for gaming on Xbox we need no more than 60Hz but if you want to use for Pc gaming than you can’t use it for that.

To get compatible with your Xbox it has two HDMI (2.0) ports for connectivity & the benefit of HDCP 2.2 compatibility to view the 4K content clearly. It supports Freesync tech which means there will be virtually no screen tearing and stuttering. Although you can only use Freesync VRR when it connected to Display Port or HDMI. Having an IPS panel will provide a wider viewing angle which is good for co-op gaming. You will also experience fast-paced content with crystal clear images due to its low response time and input lag.

Even though it has HDR but we didn’t like it as the HDR content can’t stand out. It’s not bright enough and doesn’t display more lifelike colors. It’s more like a Fake HDR as it has only 350 nits which aren’t sufficient to properly display HDR10 content. So all in all this is a good monitor and can be used for multiple purposes and great for Xbox one gaming too.

Larger Model: LG 32UD99-W

LG 32UD99-W

LG 32UD99-W is a larger monitor than LG 27UK650-W which has a great gaming performance but if you want the great gaming monitor for the Xbox One in a bigger size than you can opt for LG 32UD99-W. You must know that either 1080P or 4K monitors are good to use with Xbox as it has issues scaling to 1440p. This 4k model has a 32-inch screen which is nearly 40% bigger than 27UK650. You will experience

Nearly all the specs and features are the same as LG’s above model other than it has a USB hub on the back which can use to charge accessories. For now, you have both options if you want to go with smaller screen sizes go with 27UK650-W or for immersive & bigger gaming experience is LG 32UD99-W.

Best Budget Gaming Monitor For Xbox One: ViewSonic XG2402

ViewSonic XG2402

Even though all the monitors we mentioned above all in everyone’s’ budget but if you are still looking for less price we have ViewSonic XG2402 which is the best budget monitor for Xbox One gaming. There is only one thing you will not find in this monitor is screen size other than that it has all which ASUS VG279Q has. So you got all things like 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate for fast-paced and crystal clear content. With Freesync support there won’t be any screen tearing, you will relish the great gaming experience. Due to the 1ms response time, there will be excellent motion handling and minimized input lag.

Most of the monitors have TN Panel that’s why they very low prices as compared to IPS or VA panel types. This is a TN panel monitor hence its response rate is pretty high & pixels changing quickly, as compared to other monitors mentioned above thus it helps the images move to appear smoother.

This monitor has a contrast ratio of (1,000:1 typical) which is not good for the real-life gaming experience. Being a TN panel, it is not good for dark rooms. We didn’t like its ports as it has HDMI 1.4. Overall, for most Xbox one gamers this is a great gaming monitor.

Much Cheaper Alternative: ACER XF251Q


If you are a first-time Xbox gamer and looking for a cheaper option than ViewSonic XG2402 then ACER XF251Q is for you. In terms of resolution, this is perfect 1080p gaming monitor suits Xbox gaming. It has low input lag and 1ms response time which is fast enough for FPS games. The refresh rate is only 75Hz which may be disappointing if you are Microsoft upgrades Xbox one in future but for now, 60Hz is enough to play on Xbox means you can but this monitor.

Although it is not as versatile as Viewsonic, it has a better dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1 for clear black and bright highlights. For a tear-free gaming experience for Xbox One X or S, this gaming monitor support Freesync over HDMI. Ok for us ViewSonic XG2402 is still a good budget monitor but if you are just starting as a Xbox gamer and can compromise on the refresh rate, Acer XF251Q is much cheaper budget alternative.

More Monitor Options

Asus VP28UQG 4K/UHD: Good 28-inch 4k gaming monitor in the budget as compared to LG 27UK650-W which we think is much better.

BenQ PD3200U 4K: This is another but larger & cheaper alternative to LG 32UD99-W but with a better response time of 4ms as compared to 5ms of LG.

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As per our reviews, these are the best gaming monitors for Xbox One based on Xbox compatibility and gamers viewpoint. We have mentioned the models in each price range for all kinds of gamers from pro to beginner level.

If you think you have a model in mind we didn’t include it our monitor reviews list then you can share with us via the contact form.