Best Gaming Monitors for 2020

Best Gaming Monitor

A fantastic gaming monitor is something that every gamer needs. Not only does it enhance the immersion of your games, but it can also help you perform better in competitive and role-playing games with top of the line features. When searching for the best gaming monitor for your gaming device, it can be quite a daunting task. There are some great gaming monitors with insane refresh rates and response times for competitive games and some that focus more on immersive gaming with better environmental quality for more story-based games.  

What is the point of a fantastic gaming pc or console if the right gaming monitor you have does not provide the image quality you want! There are a lot of gaming monitors out there and they all have different price points and features, including screen size, input lag, contrast ratio, and HDR support. 

This article will discuss 10 of the best gaming monitors out there for your gaming display, all the features that they have and how you can decide between them. There will also be a detailed buying guide below to further help you to decide on your future gaming monitor and get the most bang for your buck.

10 Best Gaming Monitors 

1. Dell S2417DG 

The best gaming monitor overall

Dell S2417DG

The Dell S2417DG is a monitor with a 24” screen size that has many advantages that are designed for gamers. It features crisp and clean picture quality with undistorted graphics. With a lightning fast 165Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync technology, this monitor will eliminate input lag and image stuttering, so all your gaming experiences will be silky smooth. With a 1ms response time and a 2560x1440p resolutions, the Dell S2417DG offers twice as many pixels as normal Full HD monitors, providing the best quality possible. 

This monitor also has a sleek design, with minimal framing around the outsides, meaning any multiple monitor setup can flawlessly sit next to each other and form a fantastic gaming display. The S2417DG also comes with adjustable settings that can be optimized for any type of game you are playing. Whether it is an RPG, FPS, or RTS, the monitor can be customized with a single click to configure the optimal settings and will make it easier to immerse yourself in any game you are playing. 

Featuring HDMI connectivity and a convenient plug and play system, the Dell S2417DG can be swapped between console and pc for all your gaming needs.

2. LG 24MP59G-P

The best budget monitor with FreeSync and IPS panel

LG 24MP59G-P

For gamers working under a budget, the LG 24MP59G-P is one that can tick all the boxes while remaining a great value. For just under $200 you can get a monitor that offers great response times and brightness values with the IPS panel included. 

The LG 24MP59G-P features Full HD gaming with its rapid 1ms blur reduction. This gives gamers the accuracy and high picture quality they expect from their gaming monitor. This helps make all gameplay more smooth and a more immersive experience overall.

Featuring AMD FreeSync, this monitor helps to reduce screen tearing and stuttering while maintaining the flawless movement in their games. Also with Dynamic Action Sync (similar to Adaptive Sync), it helps to minimize any input lag and give gamers a more optimized experience. 

This monitor aims to provide great visibility and delivers good image quality even in dark areas with LG’s Black Stabilizer, helping to locate and detect objects and enemies in darker areas. With Game Mode technology, it also helps set your game to different pre-set modes for optimal customization and gaming performance all under a cheap price tag.

3. LG 38GL950G UltraGear Gaming Monitor

Top quality curved ultrawide 4K monitor

LG 38GL950G

After a fantastic value listed above with the LG 24MP59g-P, now we have another LG monitor for those who are willing to pay a pretty price for their gaming monitor. This LG 38GL950G offers a very large screen size of 38 inches and supports Nvidia G-Sync technology. It is a curved gaming monitor, so it offers a very sharp 3840 x 1600 resolution. 

This monitor has all the features you would expect from a top-end monitor, with the best visuals and sharpest picture quality out there. It also has IPS panel technology, meaning you can experience and be immersed in whatever game you are playing with a 1ms response time. 

This 38-inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor with g-sync support has professional industry-standard visuals, covering 98% of the color space at that standard, and this helps to deliver the most breathtaking images that will bring your video games to life.

With HDR, the 38GL950G is capable of the most realistic immersion possible by offering the best clarity and accurate colors with a larger broader contrast ratio. 

As far as the design and visuals of the monitor, the 38GL950G offers customizable RGB lighting and sleek, ergonomic design built for gamers. With easy setup abilities and great quality, this monitor is very pricey but offers every top of the line feature you would ever need.

4. Samsung CHG70

Best curved gaming monitor with HDR and FreeSync


This is one of the best curved gaming monitors out there. This monitor has a quite large screen size with a 32” inch curved monitor and it features 1440p display. It is a monitor that features many features designed for gamers and has a polished look with an ergonomic stand as well. 

The CHG70 features Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology, which is a great tool to enhance your gaming experience. The quantum dot technology provides great color with lifelike image quality. 

One of the best features of this monitor is the HDR support (High Dynamic Range), this is closely related to the contrast ratio of a monitor, which enhances the dark areas of your screen and the brighter ones. This enhances shadows and silhouettes making the detail in games much more in-depth. 

With AMD Radeon Freesync 2 support, the CHG70 provides a seamless experience in gaming with a smooth plug and play system with higher brightness and color levels without any errors or lag.

This monitor is built for superior speed and gameplay with motion blur reduction technology and 144Hz refresh rate means you can have the smoothest experiences in scenes and unmatched gaming performance. With its wide curved view, it truly provides one of the best immersive gameplay experiences that can simulate a movie like experience. 

5. Alienware AW5520QF 55-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor

Alienware AW5520QF

If PC monitors are too small for your liking, and you want a monitor with a screen size like that of a television, this monitor is for you. Although it does cost just as much as a TV would, it is fantastic for those who can spend the money. This massive 55-inch screen helps deliver the picture and image quality in stunning 4k resolution and great color contrast ratios.

The AW5520QF has all the connective compatibility necessary for gamers so you can also use it on consoles and PC. Featuring a fast 120Hz refresh rate, it is very impressive for that large of a screen. 

This monitor is fantastic to perform as a premium monitor but one of the great options you have is that you can also use it as a TV. This is one of the unique monitors that can do both, and if you are looking for a monitor that can do both, this is the one for you.

With a beautifully polished design, this is very worth the high price tag if it fits your needs, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a gaming monitor of this size.

6. Asus Rog Swift PG27A

Best 4K monitor with G-Sync

Asus Rog Swift PG27A

The Asus Rog Swift series is one of the most critically acclaimed lines of parts for computer and gaming ethuisiasist. Many people may recognize this name from their CPU, motherboard or graphics cards. They make all of these parts as well and they are extremely high-quality parts. This is one of their monitors and it is once again one of the best gaming monitors available. It offers a complete 4K resolution and Nvidia G-sync technology support. It has one of the nicest looking ergonomic designs out there and makes it easy and simple to adjust to any gaming setup while providing many bonus features to suit your gaming needs. 

The screen size of the PG27A is 27” and it also has many other cool features you may want when searching for the best gaming monitor. This includes the speakers that are installed and a clean interface, which all helps to justify the higher price point that this design has. This 4k gaming monitor with g-sync support has many details that were designed with gamers in mind, including glowing red LED lights and many patterns on the monitor itself. It has a nice cable management section and portrait mode capabilities, making it extremely adjustable and adaptable to any gaming setup. 

7. Acer Predator X34

Best curved gaming monitor with G-Sync

Acer Predator X34P

The Acer Predator X34 is another curved monitor with a very immersive display system. With a 34-inch screen, this Acer Predator offers a fantastic picture quality on a 1440p display. It also features support for Nvidia G-Sync technology and this helps to aid any game you run to run smoothly and as seamlessly as possible. One of the defining features of the Acer Predator series is that it is very good looking, with standout features such as a sharp, ergonomic design and LED lights that glow, setting an ambient light to your room and setup.

The X34 is very adjustable and can be tilted upwards, downwards, forwards and backward to fit whatever angle you wish. It also has a lot of input ports and can handle any type of PC, console or other media device you wish to use this with. For a premium price, you get a premium high quality monitor that should be on any gamers wish list. 

8. ViewSonic XG2401

The Best FreeSync monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate in budget

ViewSonic XG2401

The Viewsonic XG2401 provides a very good affordable display while still delivering all the features that a great monitor should have. It has a screen size of 24” and offers exactly what you would need for features in a decent monitor, this includes a 144Hz refresh rate, a lightning quick response time of 1ms and compatibility with AMD FreeSync.

At a good price, the XG2401 is a great budget option while remaining incredibly efficient for its price. Features such as its ultrafast response times and specific settings meant for different game genres allow the monitor to give you everything you need to play games of any type at a high level. 

It is not the most flashy stand, as it is quite classic in design, it has red stripes to add some gaming elements to it, but also has headphone docks and wire management to add a more practical use to the monitor. 

The XG2401 is highly flexible and able to adjust in different directions and supports portrait mode as well. For a great experience with a rather affordable price tag, this monitor is great and has many different ports to suit every individual gamer’s needs. 

9. BenQ Zowie XL2540

The Best monitor for competitive gaming

BenQ Zowie XL2540

The BenQ Zowie XL2540 is a monitor designed for competitive and professional gamers. It features a screen size of 24” and has one of the fastest refresh rates out there (265Hz). With a 1ms response time, it is perfect for the higher powered systems to get the most out of any gaming pc. It does not have any fancy lights or features, but more than makes up for it with these incredible features. 

The XL2540 also has many visual presets that can be simply and easily be switched with a nice simple “S-switch” control. It has an easy setup and is extremely portable for a gaming monitor. 

Overall this monitor avoids any unnecessary lights and design for an extremely effective monitor designed for competitive and professional gamers. Definitely worth it if you want a competitive edge with minimal input lag. 

10. MSI Optix MAG271CR

Best curved monitor with FreeSync on a budget

MSI Optix MAG271CR

The MSI Optix Mag271CR is a monitor that is great for super fast and smooth gameplay. It offers a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms latency. These are the types of speeds any gamer would need to stay at the top of the leaderboards and this is the hardware that can provide it. 

It has a very nice size frame, with a screen size of 27” and is a minimalistic design, so the frame does not impact any of your visuals or immersion. With a VA panel and fast response time, it reduces and minimizes any tearing and stuttering. 

It has an easy process to assemble this monitor and offers tilt and vertical adjustments. This is a monitor designed for gaming with two HDMI ports and USB2.0 hubs. 

It also includes a pop-out headphone hanger, and RGB backlights for those who are interested in some ambient lighting in their gaming setup. Overall it has many different profiles and you can set it up any way you like.

Buying Guide for Gaming Monitors

When deciding the best gaming monitor for your needs, there are a lot of features and specs to consider. At first, it may seem overwhelming with all of the different numbers and dimensions included in the descriptions of different monitors, but when broken down individually it can really help to zone in on the type of monitor you want. 

You will want to learn what these individual terms mean and how each different specification and feature will assist you in finding the gaming monitor that is exactly what you need. Also, you can determine whether or not you want extra features and if that is worth the price you would end up paying for them.

Here are a few different categories and terms that you will want to learn when deciding your perfect gaming monitor:

Screen Size

Gaming Monitor Screen Size and Resolution Guide

When looking for the best gaming monitor on the market, you will have to consider the importance of screen size. Larger and curved monitor sizes can lead to more immersive and usually higher image quality, but this will also drive up the prices on these monitors. It is also important to measure the open space in your gaming setup and make sure the monitor you are buying fits that space without any issues.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio in gaming

Aspect ratios on monitors are dimensions that determine width and height on your gaming setup. Most commonly you will probably have seen the 16:9 aspect ratio which is quite standard nowadays and offers good performance. The more wide monitors have larger aspect ratios like 21:9 which is more preferential for larger setups that can offer better immersion than smaller aspect ratios. 


Resolution is one of the more important features to consider when purchasing a gaming monitor. Typically the standard is Full HD capability with 1920 x 1080 resolution. This is enough for most gaming setups, but if you are looking to upgrade to a higher system with a more powerful graphics card, then you should start looking into 2560 x 1400 or even 3840 x 2160 resolutions. 

Refresh Rate

The best gaming monitors are typically associated with a higher refresh rate and that is very important to suit the strength of your system. Higher refresh rates mean more FPS than your monitor can handle and higher FPS means a smoother experience. Typically 60Hz monitors are very common, but they are starting to get outdated. 144Hz is becoming the standard and is more essential for any newer games. 

Response Time

For gamers, lag input and latency is always one of the most key aspects to a monitor wishlist. The fastest speeds are 1ms latency, which means that there will be almost no input lag, and all actions will be smooth and seamless. Other newer monitors can have around 4ms response, which is quite slow but it is more affordable. If you are a competitive gamer especially, you will want to go with the lower response times. 

Panel Type

Types of Monitor Panels

There are three main types of panels for gaming monitors. These panels are mainly related to picture quality and response times. TN panels (twisted nematic) are the fastest in terms of response times and are typically more affordable. IPS panels are the best for visual quality and provide the best color contrast and viewing angles, but are slower in response times. The VA panels are somewhere in between the other two panels but are relatively uncommon in the gaming world as they have slower response times. You can learn more about this from our article TN Vs IPS Vs VA- Best Panel Type For Gaming.

G-Sync and FreeSync Compatibility

Most of the best gaming monitors in this list have compatibility with either Nvidia G-Sync technology or AMD FreeSync Technology, and some have both. These programs are meant to help your monitor with better FPS and reduce the stuttering and lag within monitors. Nvidia G-Sync is obviously meant for Nvidia graphics card and FreeSync is for the AMD counterpart. Both are an essential technology for upgraded visuals and are usually included in most top-end monitors nowadays. Learn more about this from Freesync vs G Sync article.


In conclusion, there are many different factors and features that make buying monitors a difficult task. In this article, the goal was to identify some potential options for a consumer based on their own needs, and how a person can determine exactly what they need with a handy buying guide with important features to consider. 

Hopefully, with the information provided, the buying process is made easier for any readers and it can help the reader to understand the complicated nature of computer parts and their specifications, so the decision making process can be easier for everyone.

In the article, we listed 10 of the best gaming monitors of 2019 for all different types of budgets, functions and sizes, so that if you cannot come to a decision even after all of this information, there are some great options for you to consider.

With the holiday season quickly arriving, this article can help you with a gift idea or a personal upgrade. Good luck to everyone out there looking for a monitor!