Best Gaming Monitors Under $200

If you are not a pro gamer and just starting out in gaming or game sometimes and looking for a budget monitor, then we have listed many in less than $200 for a good gaming experience. You may not get monitors with fast response time or high refresh rate in this price range but nowadays you still can get a decent gaming monitor in the budget with features enough to game like a pro. You may find some budget monitors with new technologies like Freesync variable refresh rate or game mode.

We have reviewed nearly 65 monitors which have nearly all important features and out of them here are our top recommendations for the best gaming monitors under $200 to buy in 2019.

Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 – Asus Vg245h

Asus Vg245h

Asus Vg245h is the first product in the best gaming monitor under $200 list. Asus has always known to provide good quality monitors and in Vg245h they have really managed to improve the design and the overall performance of this budget monitor. This monitor has excellent 1ms response time and a refresh rate of 75 H Z which makes it distinctive in under 200. It has a display size of 24 inches with 1080 resolution but overall size without the stand is 22 inches in width. If you are a hardcore gamer who plays for many hours, Asus Vg245h is durable monitor.

The game fast technology feature in Asus Vg245h provides fast and smooth performance by reducing the input lag, which means you can play with better reaction times and will be able to experience amazing visuals and effects you couldn’t see before in another monitor. Aside by game fast tech, to get most out of your gaming, Asus added 2 more great features, game plus hotkeys, and game visual technology, game plus hotkeys helps you in in-game enhancements. And with the game visual, you can optimize your Asus Vg245h gaming monitor with 6 preset display modes for the different types of content.

For connectivity, Vg245h has a dual HDMI port means you can easily connect your PlayStation or Xbox with another HDMI device at the same time. The good thing is it makes it easy for you to switch between your console or P.C. back and forth. For managing the clutter of cables, Asus Vg245h stand is made in such a way that it helps you to hide your cables and organize them more efficiently. Also to keep your eyes safe, you can switch on the low blue light filter. Statistics show that blue light that is emitted by monitors can give you headaches eye strains and even sleep disorders. This monitor allows you to filter out blue light with four different settings.

Best 144Hz Gaming Monitor Under $200 – Acer GN246HL

Acer GN246HL

Acer GN246HL will offer you great features and performances for its dollar value. It is a super slim monitor that supports a 24-inch diagonal display size. Its sleek design will work for any build and will save you a lot of space. GN246HL offers a full HD resolution to be more precise a full HD 1920 by 1080p resolution but that is not where it stops as it offers an amazing refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of only 1 ms. With a response time like this, you will get an almost perfect transition time. And if you wanted outstanding crispness and clarity apparently that’s what you’ll get to this monitor has 100 million to 1 contrast ratio which surpasses many products in this price range. It will give you almost deep blacks and heavenly whites while staying clear and concise.

One of its great assets that are worth mentioning is the Nvidia 3D light boost that will provide much more brightness while enhancing the overall 3D imagery. That means that you will have more immersive gaming experience and less leaning forward to see what’s lurking in the shadows. When it comes to the inputs Acer GN246HL has three different options. It offers DVI, VGA, and HDMI inputs so you’ll be able to choose the most convenient one. It also means that you’ll be able to connect your smartphone and your tablet to it and enjoy all of your content in full HD as it comes for the viewing angles.

In terms of shortcoming, Acer GN246HL supports a solid and satisfying 170-degree horizontal view angle and a 160-degree vertical angle. There is another thing worth mentioning here that this gaming monitor uses an LCD display backlighting that excludes highly toxic mercury. So Acer GN246HL being the high-quality product, it’s still below the 200 dollar range. This product will deliver great performance sleek design, jaw-dropping visuals, and immersive experience when it comes to gaming. Make sure to check it out.

Best UltraWide Gaming Monitor Under $200 – LG 25UM58-P

LG 25UM58-P

LG 25UM58-P is our best pick for the ultrawide gaming monitor under two hundred dollars. Now if you really want to have a great panoramic view, LG 25UM58-P will deliver just that. If you want to use a gaming monitor for movie theater this ultra-wide gaming monitor is a great asset. It will bring you an immense and breathtaking view of some of the most epic worlds and video games. LG 25UM58-P has a 25-inch diagonal display size that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. One thing worth mentioning about this gaming monitor is that you will get highly accurate colors as it will give you more than 99 percent of RGB coverage.

Aside from its performances, LG 25UM58-P offers you on-screen control. This utility will give you numerous settings and customization options. You will be able to adjust the screen brightness, change the picture mode presets, access the screen split 2.0, and dual controller and more with just a few clicks of the mouse. So forget about the old hard buttons on the monitor that may easily stop working. The screen split 2.0 feature allows you to multitask by displaying multiple windows at once with 14 different options and 4 different picture and picture presets. The game mode lets you set up preferences in accordance with your gaming needs. It will exponentially boost the overall performance and the visuals of your video games. You can choose between three aimed presets two of which are dedicated to first-person shooters and one for real-time strategies. And if the aforementioned is not enough you can always access the advanced gaming options. For instance, you will be able to easily turn on the black stabilizer which will in return give you sharp detail during dark or nighttime scenes. It will not lose performance nor give you any shortcomings whatsoever simply because of the dynamic action sync feature that ensures smooth and fast gameplay.

As for the price, it is really a budget offer considering its crisp graphics and an astonishing panoramic view that will leave any gamer breathless. If you want a more immersive gaming experience, consider buying this product as it will captivate your attention as early as during the loading screen.

Most Versatile – Benq GC2870h

Benq GC2870h

This 28-inch versatile gaming monitor BenQ GC2870h is second on our list is can be used for both gaming and work. For an avid gamer who games for hours, experience some eye problems or headaches then Ben GC2870h is the good option due to its Low Blue Light Technology. This monitor comes with flicker-free technology which also helps in reducing eye strain, even more. With the diagonal display size of 28-inch & ultra-slim design, GC2870h delivers an immersive gaming experience with its amazing colors and resolution. Having a resolution of 1920 by 1080p, you will experience sharp graphics. This LCD VA panel has 3000:1 amazing contrast ratio and with a wider viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, this makes it a great gaming monitor. It has 5ms GTG response time & 60Hz refresh rate.

With the feature like wide color gamut, BenQ GC2870h will show the images like realistic details with 72 percent NTSC coverage rate which is roughly equivalent to 100% of the sRGB color gamut. That means you will experience better color reproduction and due to which you will see extremely vivid images either you’re playing games or surfing the web.

When it comes to connectivity, this monitor has a standard HDMI port. Unfortunately, the only downside of this monitor is that it is supported only by Windows operating systems like Windows 10 Windows 8 and Windows 7 means it is not aimed towards a much broader audience considering its limited OS support. So overall this is a good gaming monitor for those who build their own PC.

Much Cheaper Alternative – Dell SE2417HGR

Dell SE2417HGR

Dell SE2417HGR is much cheaper gaming monitor under $150. In this price range, you will be astonished to see its overall quality. You will experience the fast and responsive gameplay with crisp graphics and outstanding gaming performance. This monitor has 24-inch display size which will be enough for an immersive gaming experience, compensated for by its wonderful resolution at 1920 by 1080p. Its contrast ratio goes up to 1000:1 when static. It has a response time of 3 milliseconds and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This monitor surpasses expectations when it comes to similar products in this price range. It is mainly used by gamers who are tight on budget and they find it to be more than pleasing.

What stands out more on this device is the fact that it uses an 8-bit interface to maximize color and when it comes to color you will be able to have up to an amazing 96 percent RGB coverage with Dell SE2417HGR. Some user experiences say that this monitors too glossy so it’s not working for them but those are mainly individual cases and finding a problem in glossy ness can be related to many factors. If you are in an overly sunny area and your monitors place near a window you might find this to be an actual problem but nothing that can’t be resolved. Other complaints are in regard to the lack of integrated speakers which is not a must. However, there is a built-in Jack that you can use for speakers or headphones.

Dell SE2417HGR connects through 2 HDMI 1.4 slots and one VGA slot. That means that you’ll be able to connect both your computer and your console at the same time. Another positive side of this product is the stand. Unlike most of its counterparts, you will be able to tilt it up and down or to pivot it to your preference. The stand can also be removed if you want to switch it for a standard wall hanger for example. Now the prices where this product really shines you will be able to get this outstanding budget gaming monitor for under 150.


So now you have seen our recommendations for the best gaming monitors under $200 in 2019. We have mentioned it in every range or every kind of people who likes the mix of gaming and working or just wants to multi-task. We believe these monitor reviews will help you to make the best decision. Don’t carry away with looking for more options. Whatever option you choose from this list, you won’t regret because we’ve carefully reviewed them