Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 – 2020 Top Picks Only

Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

Are you still using the TV’s to play console games? Console gaming is a good alternative to PC gaming because you need to put in less money. Big TV’s comes costly than a monitor and also takes a lot of space. That’s where Monitors are cheaper and use less space to play fast-paced games on a PS4 console. The monitors we have mentioned below have fast response time, high refresh rate and no ghosting or screen tearing like problems you face on any TV. These gaming monitors with the advanced features from LG, Samsung, Dell, Asus or Viewsonic has better motion handling and low input lag for the competitive gaming.

We have reviewed 100’s of monitors with 4 stars and up ratings from popular brands and shared our top 6 recommendations for best monitors for PS4 in 2020. You can also check our other lists in best monitors for Xbox One.

We have selected the monitors based on 4 standards below:

  • Minimum 1080P Resolution and Above For Clear Image
  • HDR Content for Vivid Colors and Lifelike Image
  • HDMI 2.0 for Fast Delivery of Content on the Screen
  • Min 60 Hz Refresh Rate for Smoother Image

Best Gaming Monitor For PS4: Gigabyte AD27QD

Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD

There is a strong reason we have ranked Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD as the best gaming monitor for PS4. It has the 1440p resolution is which is very high as per out minimum standard of 1080p to play games with a clear image on PS4. Due to low input lag and quick response time, the gaming performance is amazing.

It has a dynamic refresh rate means you can increase it from 144hz to 165hz but we suggest you not to do as it will skip the frames which no one wants. The HDR works amazing but only in full-screen mode. Your Playstation 4 settings will automatically detect in while playing the HDR content games.

To connect your Playstation, PC or another console, there are some monitors inputs are given, 2 HDMI ports and one display port. For your Playstation controllers to keep charged, one built-in USB hub is also provided. It is an IPS panel 27-inch monitors which are great for immersive gaming experience and as it has wider viewing angles it will also be good for co-op gaming.

Unfortunately, monitors with IPS panel types are not good in dark rooms and they have backlight bleed problem but the contrast ratio of this monitor is amazing as the image quality on this monitor is so far beyond anything. As this gaming monitor accepts the 4k input means it is great for use with a PS4 which should make happy most PS4 gamers.

For Dark Room Gamers – SAMSUNG CHG70


This SAMSUNG CHG70 is a VA panel monitor which is good for darkroom gaming as compared to Gigabyte AD27QD which is not. It’s HDR is also not as good as Aorus. The viewing angles are not much wider like Samsung so you can use it for co-op gaming.

The color contrast ratio is pretty good and it doesn’t have any backlight bleed problem. The dark and whites are deep in a dark room and you will see the clear images even being in the darkroom. It also has 1440p resolution like Aorus and but if you are using PS4 it displays 1080P and for PS4 Pro is shown in 4k. So for if you only want a monitor to perform well in dark room then go for SAMSUNG CHG70 otherwise Aorus AD27QD is the best monitor for PS4 gamers.

Best 4k Gaming Monitor For PS4 Pro: Dell U2718Q

Dell U2718Q

If you are looking for a monitor for PS4 Pro, Dell U2718Q is the best 4k gaming monitor. When connected with the pro version, this 27-inch 4k IPS monitor delivers the great content. It offers HDR10 support and HDR automatically kicked in when connected with PS4 Pro. It displays the HDR content without any issues.

You will see an amazing improvement in color depth as well as contrast. There are many connectivity options are given like HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, mini DisplayPort, 4 x USB 3.0 ports and audio out. Due to good but not so amazing responsive and low input lag, you won’t see any images breakouts or ghosting.

Most of the Dell monitors are ergonomic like this one has a stand which can be adjusted for the most suitable viewing position by using height, tilt, swivel, and pivot. As this is an IPS panel it won’t be as good in a dark room like any other monitor with VA panel but still performs well due to its wide viewing angles, crisp brightness, and good reflection handling.

Overall, we know many gamers or you may find in other monitor reviews that HDR is not good on this monitor as the panel tops out at around 350 nits of brightness but for us, we are really impressed with its gaming performance. So gamers who are looking for 4k HDR monitor for PS4 pro this is the one to go for.

Versatile Freesync Alternative – LG 27UK650-W

Lg 27UK650-W

This is the most versatile monitor for everyone who just doesn’t game on PS4 only. On comparing to Dell U2718Q, this monitor has an extra feature of Freesync support with the dynamic refresh rate. If you already game on Xbox One or PC this feature will help you reduce screen tearing problem which other monitors may not. In terms of ergonomics, as Dell provides, you won’t be able to adjust it using height, tilt, swivel, and pivot much but it has all other features as Dell U2718Q has.

Having 4k resolution like Dell U2718Q which we think is the best 4k gaming monitor for PS4 Pro. If you can keep aside the ergonomics, you can opt for LG 27UK650-W with some advanced features like Freesync VRR.

You cannot go wrong when you get to game with HDR10, 4K 60FPS having amazing picture quality. Other monitors with 4k HDR 60Hz will cost you a lot more so this is the perfect monitor for ps4 gaming.

Best 1080P Budget Gaming Monitor For PS4: ASUS VG279Q

Asus VG279Q

All the other monitors we have mentioned above either have 4k or 1440p resolution which works best for PS4. If you haven’t upgraded to PS4 Pro then you must check ASUS VG279Q which has the minimum 1080P resolution needed for gaming on PS4.

The best thing is you will still be able to have outstanding gaming experience in the budget. As you can’t have everything top-notch in less price but for decent gaming on a console, this monitor has low input lag, good response time, and good picture quality with 1080P resolution for immersive gaming which you or any gamer won’t be disappointed with. You can adjust the brightness to peak, reflection handling is good and with wide viewing angles, it will give good gaming experience in any room.

Even though it has 144Hz refresh rate which is pretty good if you also wants to game on PC as for console 60Hz is enough. With its Freesync VRR technology, you will get tear-free gaming while gaming on PC. The only thing we didn’t like is it has only 1 HDMI input when you also need to keep charging your PS4 controllers as well simultaneously.

Much Cheaper Alternative: VIEWSONIC XG2402

Viewsonic XG2402

Are you still looking for a more cheaper alternative than ASUS VG279Q, then check VIEWSONIC XG2402. This monitor is not as good as Asus because its ergonomics are not so good, the design is pretty simple as well. Another thing is this is smaller in size and is only 24 inch which we think very small for any kind of gaming either on PC or on consoles.

Well, you can use it as a beginner console gamer don’t mind it though. It has still all the important things like minimum 1080 resolution for consoles, fast response time, Freesync support and 144hz refresh rate. Even though the viewing angles are not that wide enough but you can still adjust it for the price. Don’t you! Its black stabilization feature helps you find the targets in the dark.

If you really want to buy cheaper and can compromise on ergonomics then ViewSonic XG2402 is for you otherwise for us the best 1080p gaming monitor for PS4 is ASUS VG279Q.


We have listed all the important monitors which we think are the best monitor for Ps4 or Ps4 Pro. We believe these monitor reviews will help you to make the best decision. Don’t carry away with looking for more options. Whatever option you choose from this list, you won’t regret because we’ve carefully reviewed them.