Best Curved Gaming Monitors 2019 – Top Picks Only

One of main advantage of Curved gaming monitors is they make gaming or watching a movie more immersive than their counterparts. Other than this feature, the curved panel provides a wider viewing angle & shows fewer reflections which put less strain on your eyes, unlike curved TVs. To get the better gaming experience you need a monitor with at least 27-inches as anything smaller may make benefits of a curved monitor harder to spot. The main problem with curved screens is their price which may cost you more than flat monitors. But nowadays they are more affordable than before. Other than that they also come in different specs from basic 60Hz budget monitors to 144Hz high-end gaming monitors with technologies like AMD Freesync or NVIDIA Gsync.

Do you often game, have a large budget, and will remain in a single spot? Go curved. We have reviewed 17 curved gaming monitors with 4 stars and up ratings from brands like Samsung, Dell, LG, Acer and shared our top picks which you can buy in 2019.

7 Best Curved Gaming Monitors – 2019

Best Curved Gaming Monitor – MSI OPTIX MPG341CQR


For the best curved gaming monitor, out top pick is MSI MPG341CQR. The curved gaming is always good on big screen size so this 34-inch 1440 monitor provides you one of the best gaming experience you will ever get. It has an innovative design and wide gamer feature. This 3k 144hz monitor has very low input lag, fast response time and as you can see amazing refresh rate for competitive gaming. Even though its colors may not feel ideal for professionals but for gamers it is perfect. It has Freesync technology which when enabled causes lower framerates and stop any strobing/flickering results in tear-free gaming experience.

It has a VA LED panel which is nearly similar to IPS in terms of providing fast response time but it’s also best for first-person shooter games due to its benefit of late-night gaming in a dark room. Even though this is not an affordable monitor but it provides a fantastic gaming experience.

One of the best things about this monitor is even after 1800 R curve and 34-inch size, the curve isn’t aggressive at all & feels natural. You will get one DisplayPort and two HDMI 2.0 inputs, one USB Type-C with full audio ports.

32-inch Alternative – Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ

Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ

If you are looking for 32-inch curved monitor we have Asus ROG XG32VQ. This is the sweet spot for gaming on curved monitors. This isn’t exactly 32″ but 31.5″ with 1440p resolution. This is a great gaming monitor provides a fantastic gaming experience with high refresh rate, low response time and low input lag. This is a great option for both work & play. The curve is not too much not too little. The stand looks very sturdy while height/swivel adjustments seem very smooth. This monitor has Freesync support and with its Flicker-free technology, you will have more comfortable gaming experience and less strain on eyes. We liked the color uniformity even being curved VA panel and experienced no dead pixels or backlight bleed.

Finally, We consider MSI MPG341CQR as the best curved gaming monitor, if you are looking for more sweet spot screen size and resolution combination Asus ROG XG32VQ is the one to go for.

27-inch Alternative – Samsung C27HG70

Samsung C27HG70

We have a smaller alternative in the top pick as well. Samsung C27HG70 is 27-inch, 1440p curved monitor for gaming having low response time and input lag. With 1440p resolution and the 144hz refresh rate, this monitor will provide an incredible gaming experience. With its solid build quality and flawless design, graphics quality is also amazing and jaw-dropping. It supports FreeSync 2 technology for smoother HDR gaming experience. There is no dead pixel and with zero ghosting and no noticeable input lag, this is a great monitor. The contrast ratio is also good and with VA panel its good for darkroom gaming.

Best Freesync Curved Gaming Monitor – LG 34GK950F-B

LG 34GK950F-B

If you are looking for a perfect ultrawide curved gaming monitor, LG 34GK950F-B is the one. This monitor has the best colors, we bet you are stunned once you use it. Even though this monitor has 400nit brightness IPS panel which may not be good for HDR but brightness is stunning. This monitor is compatible with both Freesync and Gsync. With the accurate color combination and broader contrast ration, the picture quality is top level. With the 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time & motion blur reduction, we will get precise gaming experience while reducing blur and ghosting.

When FreeSync 2 is enabled there will ve smoother motion and less stuttering in games like WOW, RIFT, or Overwatch. With the bright and dark portions more clear and combination of LG’s Black Stabilizer technology, it will make the dark screen more clear enables us to track the competition. Due to the wide color gamut, high brightness pixels, low latency, & superior black levels, you will experience HDR content while playing games.

This monitor has wider viewing angles more comfortable viewing and with that, you can adjust the screen via tilt, height, and swivel. Overall, this is a great curved gaming monitor.

Gsync Alternative – Dell Alienware AW3418DW

Dell Alienware AW3418DW

If you are using Nvidia Graphics card and looking for best ultrawide Gsync curved gaming display, then Dell AW3418DW is the one. This monitor is not only best for gaming but also for everyday productivity if you want it to use that way. It’s a 34-inch beast with 1440p resolution and with 120 Hz refresh rate, perfect for all-around gaming. This monitor has the best design in Gysnc curved category in the market be in front or in the back.

Unfortunately, there is one problem of backlight bleeding we noticed but it is only noticeable while in the darkest situation. Otherwise, everything is amazing, good picture quality, wide viewing angles, perfect motion handling. If you don’t want to deal backlight bleeding problem, LG 34GK950F-B is best otherwise if you only want Gsync compatible monitor then no second thought for Dell Alienware AW3418DW.

Best for Darkroom – Acer Predator Z35P

Acer Predator Z35P

This is a good monitor for gamers who liked darkroom gaming. The dark will be truly and bright will pop out well. We really liked how much vibrant colors are and the good thing is they are not over-saturated. The response time is a bit slower than other options and the refresh rate is 120Hz which you can overclock to 144Hz which is still not too bad for gaming. This is the only panel in the market with true HDR gaming experience. By now you must have known that this is better than LG for Darkroom gaming and has a better contrast ratio. The viewing angles are also wide. Overall, many users have labeled it as the best 4k curved gaming monitor.

Best 1080p Curved Gaming Monitor – LG 34UC79G-B

LG 34UC79G-B

LG 34UC79G-B is a lower 1080p resolution with big screen size curved gaming monitor, best in its category. This has wider screen basically stretched out for 1080p monitor. This is cheap and in budget curved monitor with the perfect balance of price, performance, and features. It has Freesync support for the tear-free gaming experience. The refresh rate is similar to most of the monitors in this list which is 144Hz fast enough for good gaming but the response time is high 5ms GTG.

The brightness level is not the best just decent & it delivers a contrast ratio of 1363:1, which is good for a budget curved monitor for gaming. Overall this is a good monitor with no backlight bleed or bad black uniformity.


We have listed all the important monitors which we think are best curved gaming monitors. We believe these monitor reviews will help you to make the best decision. Don’t carry away with looking for more options. Whatever option you choose from this list, you won’t regret because we’ve carefully reviewed them.

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