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Think Fast
Cookie Crumble
Mr. Shooti
Match on colored balls
Pick up the Fish
Ninja Tactics
Penalty Shootout
Haunted House
Bubble Trouble
Ludo Cells
I love pizza
Silvio Circus - Toghe rosse

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Dave Sapien
Dave Sapien
Member since 11.02.2008

Dave Sapien is using a
Nokia N95 8GB

Dave Sapien has 8 friends,  has created 3 games which have been downloaded 944 times and favourited by 17 members.  

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molto elementare, sforzati un pò



Playyoo's Flash Lite Game Contest will be closed today (Feb 28th) and this is the last opportunity to get the source of "Mr. Shooti", so I would like to invite you to play it.
Check it out, now you only need score about 500 to get the source FREE!!!
I am sure you can break the record. ;-)

And of course your comments would be very precious to me.
Thanks about your support and hope you will like it! :-)



I see that you haven’t played Shark-Thrasher on your phone yet. It should be easy for someone like you to get onto the high score list. Give it a try and let me know how it runs on your phone model too.


Digital Lamb



  *    Do you want to learn
  *    Flash Lite 2.0 programming?

Yes, that possibility is still available here from Playyoo (ends. Feb 28, so only a few days left!!). Download my game *qTile* and submit score to highscore list and source code of qTile is yours!!

Request it via email: pasi(at)

- 600 lines nice AS 2.0 code with comments
- mobile key event handling with objects
- own made collision detection system
- dynamic joining, rotating movieclips
- fps based game speed with
 timer/delay to speed up game (levels)
- game pause/resume functionality
- and lots of more...

-=* This is Flash Lite 2.0 SOURCE!! *=-

I would appreciate any feedback what you can share about the game.

Happy playing!!

PTM - Pasi Manninen


Helooo! Thanks for adding me as a friend :D
I would like to invite you to play "Mr. Shooti". Why not take the challenge and see if you can cross that point and get your name in Top-20. Check it out, you just need score more than 500 and have chance to get the source free.

Try to get best high scores and of course any feedback is welcome.
Happy playing!



Hi, I'd like to personally welcome you to Playyoo. You'll find me in your friends list, and you can explore the games I've made. I'm looking forward to seeing the games you make: click on CREATE up there and give it a try - it's easier than you think! If you need any help, check out the forums, linked in the footer. On behalf of all of us here, have a great time on Playyoo.


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Sketch Mini  by  santoki
Downloaded 1 year ago
Top score: 13 by  Tim

bEEtRooT  by  Dave Sapien
Downloaded 1 year ago
Top score: 9271 by  the_dot

bEEtRooT  by  Dave Sapien
Downloaded 1 year ago
Top score: 9271 by  the_dot

bEEtRooT  by  Dave Sapien
Downloaded 1 year ago
Top score: 9271 by  the_dot

bEEtRooT  by  Dave Sapien
Downloaded 1 year ago
Top score: 9271 by  the_dot

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