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Match on colored balls
Match More
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Penalty Shootout
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Think Fast

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Zen Graffiti Studios's scorecard


Zen Graffiti Studios
Carlos Nazareno + Joseph Cunanan
Member since 26.01.2008

Zen Graffiti Studios is using a
Nokia 5200

Zen Graffiti Studios has 695 friends,  has created 3 games which have been downloaded 2,078 times and favourited by 111 members.  Zen Graffiti Studios is the top scorer on 1 game.

One of Zen Graffiti Studios's games

iPhone Mania

You are a clerk at the Apple Store and it is a minute and a half 'til closing time.

Activate as many iPhones as you can before the store closes.

Beware! Mistakes or delays will lose you customers!

Top scorer

Score: 6695

Zen Graffiti Studios's wall

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e nel piccolo e nella sua semplicita un games stimolante per i neuroni del sist nerv centr.usato nelle modalita zen puo dare beneficio.




frate cm se scaricano i gioki


I see that you haven’t played Shark-Thrasher on your phone yet. It should be easy for someone like you to get onto the high score list. Give it a try and let me know how it runs on your phone model too.


Digital Lamb


HI, Naz

I would like 2 invite you to play "Mr.Cease Fire"
I hope you will like it...


Hi Naz,

  *    Do you want to learn
  *    Flash Lite 2.0 programming?

Yes, that possibility is still available here from Playyoo (ends. Feb 28). Download my game *qTile* and submit score to highscore list and source code of qTile is yours!!

Request it via email: pasi(at)

- 600 lines nice AS 2.0 code with comments
- mobile key event handling with objects
- own made collision detection system
- dynamic joining, rotating movieclips
- fps based game speed with
 timer/delay to speed up game (levels)
- game pause/resume functionality
- and lots of more...

-=* This is Flash Lite 2.0 SOURCE!! *=-

Happy playing!!

PTM - Pasi Manninen


Hi Naz,

I love "UFO Catcher" and that's one of my favorites.That's really interesting, Congratulation! :-)

I'm writing to ask your advice about my game "Mr. Shooti".
Looking forward to see you scoring high. ;-)

Tips: to score more, you need to ensure that Mr. shooti always be in the center of stage. Just press and release select button for a hole and for more holes press, hold and release with attention to the power.



you can also add the game to your favourites (check the flyout menu or the game page). then, from the WAP site (type address from your mobile Web browser) you can easily flip through your favourite games by clicking on the "See Only Favourites" link.



Zen Graffiti Studiossaid
Hi Mike!

I'm not sure, but  I think this is how it goes.... first you have to edit your "Gamestream" to include it I think. So raise the ratio of arcade games in your gamestream for it to appear.

Next, you go to the SMS link set to your phone and open it in your web browser...

Next is the tricky part... even I had difficulty seeing the game displayed on the available games on the phone browser.

Anyway, you should find it there easier if you edit your gamestream I think, and then there should be a link for you to download UFO Catcher :)

Thanks again for trying it out :)

Zen Graffiti Studios

how do u download to ur phone


Hi, I'd like to personally welcome you to Playyoo. You'll find me in your friends list, and you can explore the games I've made. I'm looking forward to seeing the games you make: click on CREATE up there and give it a try - it's easier than you think! If you need any help, check out the forums, linked in the footer. On behalf of all of us here, have a great time on Playyoo.


Zen Graffiti Studios's top rankings

Rank Game  

Polar Panic  by  Zen Graffiti Studios
Score: 10250. Submitted  11 months ago


puggy Snake  by  Br1ck3r
Score: 610. Submitted  1 year ago
Top score: 9090 by  o_0


iPhone Mania  by  Zen Graffiti Studios
Score: 5570. Submitted  10 months ago
Top score: 6695 by  playyer96204000


UFO Catcher: Barnyard Abduction  by  Zen Graffiti Studios
Score: 10200. Submitted  10 months ago
Top score: 16575 by  erikcute


Silvio Trash King  by  Ekleptica
Score: 2720. Submitted  10 months ago
Top score: 6780 by  Quale

Zen Graffiti Studios's recent activities

Poulpy's game  by  WillNa
Downloaded 10 months ago
Top score: 9400 by  playyer74815412

Sketch Mini  by  santoki
Score: 5. Submitted  10 months ago
Top score: 13 by  Tim

Sketch Mini  by  santoki
Downloaded 10 months ago
Top score: 13 by  Tim

Total Exoneration  by  Ekleptica
Score: 176. Submitted  10 months ago
Top score: 4276 by  bimba

Total Exoneration  by  Ekleptica
Downloaded 10 months ago
Top score: 4276 by  bimba

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