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Koala Quest by


category: Adventure

previews: 147

favourited by 36 members

Koala Quest
Help Koala Bear to balance on the tight rope. He needs to reach his final destination to catch the plane to Ausralia! You must catch all the rings so that he has enough to fly the plane!


Rank Name Score When
1 marc 865

27 Dec 05:20

2 digitallamb 440

8 Jan 09:42

3 David 55

27 Dec 12:53

4 Cabzon 0

10 Jan 15:25

5 clazy -55

30 Jan 04:14


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3 months ago

digitallamb said
Hi Marc,
I top scored on  Koala Quest
Come and play Shark-Thrasher and see if you can make it onto the top score board.


4 months ago

Virgo said
Hi Marc, and thanks for your comment; I'm very happy to see that you are the creator of Koala quest: I played your game some weeks ago, before creating my storekeeper, and the first thing that I thouth was: "This game could win!!!" very very nice and original! good work Marc! :)

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