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The Bee Game
Orang Bunian
Toy Cars
Penalty Shootout
Ninja Tactics
Panic Mechanic
Bog Frog
Mr. Shooti
Match the Blocks
Shoot at Sight
Ludo Cells

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General Questions
System Requirements

What is Playyoo?


Playyoo is a space where you can create, discover and share fun, free games, and play them on your mobile phone. Playyoo brings a worldwide community of like-minded casual game players to your phone.

Games are difficult, aren't they?


Not with Playyoo. Playyoo games are meant to be enjoyed whenever you have a few minutes to spare. You don't need a manual, and you don't need any instructions.

But it is really difficult to get games on my phone


Not with Playyoo. Tell us what kinds of games you like, tell us which other Playyoo members share your tastes, tell us what kind of games you really do not like - we'll do the rest.

How does Playyoo work?


The basic idea with Playyoo is that with a few clicks on your phone, you can access a free game which will be fun to play, quick to understand, which will not make you jump through any hoops. And we 99% guarantee that the game will work perfectly on your particular model of phone. We do this through the Game Stream(TM). The Game Stream is a stack of games whih the system sends you, based on your preferences, which you can step through one by one.

Who makes these games?


Well, actually, we all do. Most people would not dream of making their own games, but Playyoo, through the Playymaker(TM), makes it easy, fun and fast. For those who want to take it to the next level, Playyoo provides full support for creating and uploading games made using Adobe's Flash editors.

What will it cost me?


You will not be charged by Playyoo for anything. Playyoo recovers its costs by including short advertising clips before and after games. You may incur data charges from your mobile operator when downloading games. However we have designed Playyoo to keep such costs as low as possible. If you frequently use Playyoo (or access data services from your mobile), it could be a good idea to talk to your operator about flat rate data plans.

Do you give my personal data to advertisers?


No. We use some of the information you optionally provide in order to anonymously select advertising of services and products which might interest you, but we never share this, or any other data, with any 3rd party.

Is Playyoo a games publisher?


No. Playyoo provides an enabling space for people to create, upload, share and distribute their own games. Playyoo's members retain full rights to their games, and are free to modify or remove them at any time they wish.

So what do I need?


You need a mobile phone which supports the Flash Lite player from Adobe, and a data plan with your mobile phone subscription: See System Requirements FAQ for more details.

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