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Our pick of the day

iPhone Mania

by Zen Graffiti Studios

You are a clerk at the Apple Store and it is a minute and a half 'til closing time.

Activate as many iPhones as you can before the store closes.

Beware! Mistakes or delays will lose you customers!

iPhone Mania

Team Playyoo Review:

Along with every web site in the world that uses Flash, Playyoo is out in the cold as far as the iPhone is concerned - for now. This game hits back with a humorous take on how tricky it was (is?) for Apple staff to actually activate the things for their hordes of customers. It also provides a pretty good test of your dexterity, and your phone's arrow keys! Beat the arbitrary instructions, beat the clock, and try to keep at least some customers satisfied.

Top scorer

Zen Graffiti Studios
Score: 5570

Recent member comments on iPhone Mania

3 days ago

Zen Graffiti Studios said
oh no! iPhone 3Gs seem to be having 3G reception problems! ion/ =viewArticleBasic&arti cleId=9112758 143209


1 week ago

Zen Graffiti Studios said
You can use the keypad's up, down, left, right or the numpad's 8,2,4,6 for the controls :)


1 week ago

David said
It's certainly a great test of manual dexterity and phone keypad usability!



1 week ago

Zen Graffiti Studios said
It seems that everything that Steve Jobs touches turns to gold these days. With his Midas touch and the legions of loyal fans from the cult of Steve, the iPhone 3G has been selling faster than pancakes.

Despite the lack of basic features such as copying and pasting, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and video recording, people have still been flocking to the iPhone in droves.

What's also curious is that despite the iPhone's miniscule 10million units per year sales as compared to Nokia's sales of 1.34million units per day, tech news and developer buzz has never been so high. This becomes even more strange considering that Apple has been actively making it hard for developers to create apps for the iPhone by becoming such a finicky gatekeeper.            


1 week ago

Zen Graffiti Studios said
Still, the big question on everyone's mind is:

Why doesn't the iPhone support Flash?

Please allow Adobe to put Flash on the iPhone, Steve! You know that everyone wants it, and allowing it on the iPhone certainly won't hurt sales.

Browsing Flash websites aside, how can people play such wonderful Flash games as these on the iPhone if the iPhone doesn't support Flash? Give us our games, Steve!

Flash on the iPhone 3G: we want it, and we want it now!                

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