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A look at Game Creator with Kars Alfrink
I sat down with Kars Alfrink, interaction designer, teacher, and consultant for Playyoo, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Game Creator, and see if he'd indulge me in revealing what's next. For those of you attending the upcoming GDC conference in ...
Contest Leaderboard updated
We have at long last managed to get the web site contest leaderboard displaying the correct results. It may seem strange that this took so long, but we have about 27 zillion things we're just bursting to fix, add or enhance on Playyoo, but there are only ...
Contest Update: Just 15 Days Left and Full Speed Ahead
It’s amazing how quickly time flies. The Playyoo Game Contest is in full swing, and we’re just a few short weeks away from the deadline. To be clear: You have up to February 15 to submit a game & be eligible for the contest ...
Downtime - What went wrong ?
Well, there's a first time for everything, and on Tuesday morning we had our first serious outage. So, what went wrong ? Well, to be absolutely honest, we're not exactly sure, since an issue with the application server software pulled the rug out from ...
New Playyoo release
We are happy to report that we released a maintenance patch (v1.0.02), which squashed few bugs. Please check the release notes in our forum.
Maintenance Release
This afternoon we installed a maintenance release to Playyoo, with the following principal changes: New Features Playyoo staff members can now be identified by an orange "team" tag below their profile image. Principal Bug Fixes Scores, ratings and ...
Sushi for your phone
I’ve been known to be a picky eater- not horribly so, but let’s just say that if someone were to put food in front of me at random, there’s a chance I might not eat it. Why am I mentioning this? Well, here at the office we compare the ...
All work and no play?
With the launch of Playyoo beta, there’s definitely an excited energy at the office - coupled with the inevitable stress from long nights and one too many espressos. And all these frazzled nerves got me thinking about an older (well, 2003) study ...
Enter early, enter often
If you're familiar with American politics, you've heard the phrase "vote early, vote often." The quote may be referring to voting corruption in Chicago, but it's pretty fitting for the Playyoo Game Contest as well. Why early? This is critical ...
Thomas gets his own press release
If you want to learn a little more about Thomas, just check out the recent press release. Here at the office we're trying to see if his head is growing after being called a "thought leader" across the media. But so far, no changes. All joking ...
Talking about people
Playyoo is a fine place to work. The extended team is spread across several places though. More on that later. To get everything right in the world of mobile casual gaming we thought having advisors might help us find the the road faster. So today I'll ...
Preso to Adobe User Group
Yesterday we had the chance of getting the word out to professional Flash developers of the Boston User Group. Since Playyoo is a great stage to showcase developer's talent and creativity it's very important to have close connection to this ...
Help Spread the Love
Show your support for the Playyoo community and receive some cool stuff. Publish one of our contest banners to your web site, blog, or community page, and you'll receive a Playyoo kit consisting of a Playyoo t-shirt, cap, mouse pad, and more. If you'd ...
Event: November 19th - Playyoo to Discuss Games Contest with Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group
The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is holding an online eSeminar on November 19th at 12 PM EST (check your local time), Playyoo members - Chris Pelly, David Mantripp, and Thomas Burg - will all be discussing the Playyoo gaming platform, Flash ...
Curious - Playyoo's design
Since I'm here for only a week I was curious how our platform would look like. David, our CTO - (busy getting things done) - leaked an idea of how the web-interface could look like. Of course things can change 'til we launch.
Conversation with Kars Alfrink- social participation, mobile platforms, and more
We sat down with Kars Alfrink-interaction designer, teacher, and consultant for Playyoo-to learn a little about his thoughts on social participation, casual games, and the mobile platform. What do you think is the significance of bringing the social or ...
Now Anyone Can Make Games
The Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles acts as the videogame industry’s lodestar.Major publishers present the next year’s worth of games to the world’s media representatives. Mainstream publications, from CNN to Reuters to ...
Get Ready - the Flash Lite Game Contest Has Officially Started
As previously mentioned in "Flash Lite UG Members - you've got a whole new way to win," we're sponsoring (along with Adobe and O'Reilly) a second contest exclusively for members of regional Flash Lite User Groups. Thursday marked the official ...
Why should I create games for Playyoo?
The urge to play is built into our DNA. Humans are by nature restless, always seeking something to occupy their attention. Since practically everybody carries a mobile phone nowadays (we're talking 3.2 billion mobile subscribers by 2011), the phone is the ...
How Playyoo Could Change the Mobile Games Business
by Alexander Smith, mobile gaming enthusiast In the multi-billion dollar videogame industry, mobile phone games are rather misunderstood. They’re unlike the regular boxed products where people walk into a store and take the game off the ...