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The Future of Entertainment
According to Nokia it is based on: - Snack Size Content - Geek Culture - Generation C - Localization Seems as we are perfectly positioned. Ok, localization is missing but it's on our roadmap. And, please tell us what languages you do prefer. Nokia Nseries ...
Nokia on Peer-created Entertainment
Well this is exactly what is fundamental to our platform. The Game Creator released in public beta in Friday is a relevant piece in that puzzle. At some point in that press release they call it the "feminization of technology". Nokia - PressRelease: "Up ...
Devices with Flash Lite
Bill Perry recently updated the Flash Lite device spreadsheet. There are now 60 commercially available Nokia mobile devices, 36 Sony-Ericsson, and 13 BREW devices that have some version of Flash Lite installed (as of November 5). You can access the ...