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What to give that person who has everything?
It’s fun, it’s personal, it’s unique (you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s ever received a personalized video or mobile game). Equally as important, it’s free- and just might look like you invested months learning ...
Sushi for your phone
I’ve been known to be a picky eater- not horribly so, but let’s just say that if someone were to put food in front of me at random, there’s a chance I might not eat it. Why am I mentioning this? Well, here at the office we compare the ...
Juniper's Big Numbers
The other day I downloaded a white paper from Juniper Research on mobile games. Juniper recently published a report predicting big things for mobile games. The research group believes today's 5 billion mobile game market will skyrocket to 16 billion in ...
game creator first views
We are not quite ready for the beta of the Playyoo game creator. Just a few hours away from opening it. But here is a the first page you'll see after registration. You'll see the 6 basic game types/templates for creating a free mobile game. Just select ...
Conversation with Kars Alfrink- social participation, mobile platforms, and more
We sat down with Kars Alfrink-interaction designer, teacher, and consultant for Playyoo-to learn a little about his thoughts on social participation, casual games, and the mobile platform. What do you think is the significance of bringing the social or ...
How Playyoo Could Change the Mobile Games Business
by Alexander Smith, mobile gaming enthusiast In the multi-billion dollar videogame industry, mobile phone games are rather misunderstood. They’re unlike the regular boxed products where people walk into a store and take the game off the ...