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The Game Creator Intro
David had the idea of the game creator as a means of enabling everybody to be creative. And he has such a disarming voice according to the girls next door. Please watch and enjoy the walk-through. You never know and end up creating casual games and ...
Freeing the creativity in everybody
I stumbled across this post at Gamasutra News (see below) and asked myself what is needed to support content that is based on user demand. The answer to this question is the secret to every successful business after all. But how to find the proper answer. ...
Nokia on Peer-created Entertainment
Well this is exactly what is fundamental to our platform. The Game Creator released in public beta in Friday is a relevant piece in that puzzle. At some point in that press release they call it the "feminization of technology". Nokia - PressRelease: "Up ...
Preso to Adobe User Group
Yesterday we had the chance of getting the word out to professional Flash developers of the Boston User Group. Since Playyoo is a great stage to showcase developer's talent and creativity it's very important to have close connection to this ...
Advertising the new infotainment
I stumbled about that notion of Dave Winer via Markus Breuer's Twitter (t d f) message When the time is right... (Scripting News): "'Advertising will get more and more targeted until it disappears, because perfectly targeted advertising is just ...