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Comments and ratings in Playyoo
Playyoo is all about playing on mobile phones. You can only rate a game when you play it on your phone. You can also add comments directly from the phone, although comments can also be made through the web site. We're aware that at the moment how to do ...
Using the new short ID feature
We recently introduced a new feature, the "short ID", which is accessible through the Your Account link. The point of this feature is to make it easier to login to Playyoo on your mobile phone. Now, rather than having to painfully enter your email ...
1100 views for Playyoo
I just realized that our slides from the presentation to the Boston Adobe Mobile and Device User Group have been viewed 1100 times and it's only three weeks ago. That's something I'd say. Thank you all for taking a look at this bare bones presentation. ...
Flash Lite for Themes
Well Bill Perry's video is not mobile games related and we don't do themes but it shows the niceties you can do with Flash Lite. It's also our technology of choice for Playyoo's casual games. Bill Perry on Sony Ericsson S500i - Flash Lite Themes
Getting better
each day. I promise I will. And one day I create my own games (with our Games Creator) with different images.I spent yesterday's evening with one of the preview games. Before doing that I installed Operamini on my N95. I was surprised to get that screen ...
Event: November 19th - Playyoo to Discuss Games Contest with Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group
The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is holding an online eSeminar on November 19th at 12 PM EST (check your local time), Playyoo members - Chris Pelly, David Mantripp, and Thomas Burg - will all be discussing the Playyoo gaming platform, Flash ...
Devices with Flash Lite
Bill Perry recently updated the Flash Lite device spreadsheet. There are now 60 commercially available Nokia mobile devices, 36 Sony-Ericsson, and 13 BREW devices that have some version of Flash Lite installed (as of November 5). You can access the ...
Flash Lite on one billion phones by 2010?
Computerworld on Thursday published an article that examines Adobe's aspirations to infiltrate mobile phones. Much like it has on desktop PCs, the web-app maker hopes mobile phone users will freely adopt their Flash Lite plug in. From the article: Having ...
Get Ready - the Flash Lite Game Contest Has Officially Started
As previously mentioned in "Flash Lite UG Members - you've got a whole new way to win," we're sponsoring (along with Adobe and O'Reilly) a second contest exclusively for members of regional Flash Lite User Groups. Thursday marked the official ...
Why should I create games for Playyoo?
The urge to play is built into our DNA. Humans are by nature restless, always seeking something to occupy their attention. Since practically everybody carries a mobile phone nowadays (we're talking 3.2 billion mobile subscribers by 2011), the phone is the ...
Flash Lite UG members – you’ve got a whole other way to win
We’re now in week two of the Playyoo Game Contest, and if $25,000 wasn’t enough to generate some excitement with Flash developers, we’ve got a second contest going — this time with the Flash Lite User Groups. It’s called the ...
Why doesn’t Playyoo work on my phone ?
If you’re unlucky enough to get the message “sorry, your phone is not compatible with Playyoo” when you try out our preview site, we really are sorry. Playyoo requires a phone which supports the new Flash Lite technology from Adobe, and ...
Want to help build the Playyoo Community?
Wow, it’s been a busy few days since we launched the Playyoo preview site and games contest. We’ve had great interest from the Flash Lite developer community at MAX Chicago. Next stop MAX Barcelona in a couple of weeks. We’ve had people try the sneak ...
Call for Flash Lite developers
Are you ready to get your game on? Well so are we, but first, we need your help. We’re in an increasingly mobile economy. Our phones are our lifeline and a node to our network of personal and professional contacts. But they could be so much more. ...