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Comments and ratings in Playyoo
Playyoo is all about playing on mobile phones. You can only rate a game when you play it on your phone. You can also add comments directly from the phone, although comments can also be made through the web site. We're aware that at the moment how to do ...
Using the new short ID feature
We recently introduced a new feature, the "short ID", which is accessible through the Your Account link. The point of this feature is to make it easier to login to Playyoo on your mobile phone. Now, rather than having to painfully enter your email ...
The Contest is heating up
There is still one week to go for entries in the contest, and things are heating up. Samir, who is also behind Mobile Wish, offering an innovative Flash Lite greetings application, and who has dominated so far, has made a very generous offer to relinquish ...
Contest Update: Just 15 Days Left and Full Speed Ahead
It’s amazing how quickly time flies. The Playyoo Game Contest is in full swing, and we’re just a few short weeks away from the deadline. To be clear: You have up to February 15 to submit a game & be eligible for the contest ...
Help Spread the Love
Show your support for the Playyoo community and receive some cool stuff. Publish one of our contest banners to your web site, blog, or community page, and you'll receive a Playyoo kit consisting of a Playyoo t-shirt, cap, mouse pad, and more. If you'd ...
Devices with Flash Lite
Bill Perry recently updated the Flash Lite device spreadsheet. There are now 60 commercially available Nokia mobile devices, 36 Sony-Ericsson, and 13 BREW devices that have some version of Flash Lite installed (as of November 5). You can access the ...
Get Ready - the Flash Lite Game Contest Has Officially Started
As previously mentioned in "Flash Lite UG Members - you've got a whole new way to win," we're sponsoring (along with Adobe and O'Reilly) a second contest exclusively for members of regional Flash Lite User Groups. Thursday marked the official ...
Flash Lite UG members – you’ve got a whole other way to win
We’re now in week two of the Playyoo Game Contest, and if $25,000 wasn’t enough to generate some excitement with Flash developers, we’ve got a second contest going — this time with the Flash Lite User Groups. It’s called the ...
Why doesn’t Playyoo work on my phone ?
If you’re unlucky enough to get the message “sorry, your phone is not compatible with Playyoo” when you try out our preview site, we really are sorry. Playyoo requires a phone which supports the new Flash Lite technology from Adobe, and ...