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What Playyoo will do for Flash Developers
The Playyoo launch contest will soon be over, but it doesn't end there. We want to make Playyoo a place where skilled Flash Lite developers - and that means all of you - can show off their talents, attract an audience and build up a great portfolio of ...
Contest Leaderboard updated
We have at long last managed to get the web site contest leaderboard displaying the correct results. It may seem strange that this took so long, but we have about 27 zillion things we're just bursting to fix, add or enhance on Playyoo, but there are only ...
Downtime - What went wrong ?
Well, there's a first time for everything, and on Tuesday morning we had our first serious outage. So, what went wrong ? Well, to be absolutely honest, we're not exactly sure, since an issue with the application server software pulled the rug out from ...
What to give that person who has everything?
It’s fun, it’s personal, it’s unique (you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s ever received a personalized video or mobile game). Equally as important, it’s free- and just might look like you invested months learning ...
Gamespot scandal and community reviews
Last month’s scandal at Gamespot undoubtedly rattled gamers and loyal readers who turned to the site for objective reviews. If you’re not familiar with the story, Jeff Gerstmann, Gamespot’s longtime editorial director, was shown the ...
Juniper's Big Numbers
The other day I downloaded a white paper from Juniper Research on mobile games. Juniper recently published a report predicting big things for mobile games. The research group believes today's 5 billion mobile game market will skyrocket to 16 billion in ...
Guess What? Men and women equally enjoy playing casual games
So, just who exactly is playing A Cat's Life? Well, according to a recent study by the Casual Games Association, those who play "simpler games involving shiny gems or lines of colored balls" are equally split among the species -- that's 50-50. ...
Advertising the new infotainment
I stumbled about that notion of Dave Winer via Markus Breuer's Twitter (t d f) message When the time is right... (Scripting News): "'Advertising will get more and more targeted until it disappears, because perfectly targeted advertising is just ...
Preview of the mobile
For those people in a hurry and those without Flash lite enabled handsets I got some impressions from the mobile: you'll see the start screen and some games. Still the preview though. Starting with December we will have the actual site for free mobile ...
Let's play
This is my step into the game. I'm with Playyoo here in Lugano since last week. Welcome to everybody following us already. I spent the last 5 years being heavily involved in the social media sphere; I remember back in early 2002 when I got into blogging ...
Snacking on casual games
Casual games have certainly received their fair share of attention recently. The Casual Game Association recently published their 2007 study on casual games — where they projected casual games to be a $2.25 billion a year industry and found that men ...
Devices with Flash Lite
Bill Perry recently updated the Flash Lite device spreadsheet. There are now 60 commercially available Nokia mobile devices, 36 Sony-Ericsson, and 13 BREW devices that have some version of Flash Lite installed (as of November 5). You can access the ...
Conversation with Kars Alfrink- social participation, mobile platforms, and more
We sat down with Kars Alfrink-interaction designer, teacher, and consultant for Playyoo-to learn a little about his thoughts on social participation, casual games, and the mobile platform. What do you think is the significance of bringing the social or ...
Why John Carmack Believes in Mobile Games
By Alexander Smith When he’s not contributing to our blog, “Alexander Smith” is a well-respected journalist writing about the business of games for the industry's leading trade publications, and the world's most respected business ...
Want to help build the Playyoo Community?
Wow, it’s been a busy few days since we launched the Playyoo preview site and games contest. We’ve had great interest from the Flash Lite developer community at MAX Chicago. Next stop MAX Barcelona in a couple of weeks. We’ve had people try the sneak ...
Call for Flash Lite developers
Are you ready to get your game on? Well so are we, but first, we need your help. We’re in an increasingly mobile economy. Our phones are our lifeline and a node to our network of personal and professional contacts. But they could be so much more. ...
Welcome to Playyoo
Hello and welcome to Playyoo. We've been working on this under wraps for the last six months, so it's great to come out into the open. Playyoo is about playing mobile games. With Playyoo, our aim is to make playing games on your mobile phone second ...