Playyoo Launch Contest Winners Announced

So we are now at the conclusion of our first major contest on Playyoo! Between the launch of the preview site last October, and the cut off date of 15 Feb, 356 user games had been created and uploaded by Playyoo members from all over the world, making this easily the largest collection of free Flash Lite games online. There are some really fantastic games within Playyoo, and some of them perhaps have had less attention than they deserve. Other great games were uploaded too late to build enough popularity to win.

We'd very much like to thank all who expressed their passion and trust by becoming a member of our community and contributed games. You've all played a key part in getting our vision for a mobile casual games community off the ground.

We would particularly like to thank Samir Dash for his generous gesture in declining multiple prizes, thus allowing us to extend prizes to the top 12.

About the results

The results are based only on community activity. From various measures, we derive a "game popularity index". The algorithm for this has been enhanced over time to improve the fairness and balance. Clearly, game quality is a big factor in winning, but so is engagement with the community, and finding ways to promote games. The game popularity index will be also used in forthcoming new and improved game selection features.

The Winners are:
  1. Match the Blocks a game by Samir won $10,000
  2. The Empty Space a game by Loomand won $7,000
  3. Panic Mechanic a game by marc won $3,000
  4. qTile a game by ptm won $1,500
  5. Ludo Cells a game by Samir (Samir generously declined his prize for this game)
  6. Mr. Shooti a game by Roozbeh won $1,000
  7. Think Fast a game by izam won $500
  8. Bog Frog a game by Ekleptica won $500
  9. Fill Board a game by Samir (Samir generously declined his prize for this game)
  10. SokoLite a game by ptm won $500
  11. Orang Bunian a game by Faisal Arbain won $500
  12. Sketch Mini a game by santoki won $500
  13. Sushi Mushi Mania a game by marc
  14. Mondo Under a game by bitacora13
  15. The Bee Game a game by lfons
  16. UFO Catcher: Barnyard Abduction a game by Naz
  17. Sea Combat a game by Mariam Dholkawala
  18. Trop Tris a game by CreativeSource
  19. Mr. Cease Fire a game by HungamaMobile
  20. Shark-Thrasher a game by digitallamb

For further info please go to the contest page.

Portraying the Winners and other high quality game creators

During the next days we will profile to the community the fine people that created the winning games. Short podcasts or transcripts will be made available on Playyoo blog.

And it's not quite over yet!

Further prizes will be awarded under the banner of the 2007 Flash Lite game contest. A panel of judges including representatives from Adobe's Flash Lite team is currently evaluating entries. Results will be announced soon.

We hope that everybody has enjoyed participating in this contest as much as we did running it. Remember, these are just the first steps. We want to make Playyoo a key resource for Flash Lite developers for many reasons, and we hope you will all help and support us in reaching this goal.

Keep your games coming!

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