Contest Update: Just 15 Days Left and Full Speed Ahead

It’s amazing how quickly time flies. The Playyoo Game Contest is in full swing, and we’re just a few short weeks away from the deadline. To be clear:

  • You have up to February 15 to submit a game & be eligible for the contest
  • Winners will be determined based on popularity and community activity as of February 28

Haven’t submitted your game yet? Don’t despair- you have until February 15th. But remember, winners are determined by community activity (i.e. number of times played, number of people who have recommended or marked it as a favorite). So, if you still want to enter your creations (whether they’re created with Game Creator or your own design skills), you might want to come up with a creative marketing & self-promotion campaign to go along with it. Encourage friends, family, anyone to download, play, and recommend. After all, if your mom marks your game as a favorite, it’s not against any of our rules.
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