Advertising the new infotainment

I stumbled about that notion of Dave Winer via Markus Breuer's Twitter (t d f) message
When the time is right... (Scripting News): "'Advertising will get more and more targeted until it disappears, because perfectly targeted advertising is just information.' "
It's a relevant statement to us since advertising will be part of the business model.
On that same day IBM issued a press-release named "IBM Predicts the End of Advertising as We Know It" which I found interesting and confirming our view on that.
To survive in this new reality, broadcasters must change their mass audience mind-set to cater to niche consumer segments, and distributors need to deliver targeted, interactive advertising for a range of multimedia devices.
"Digital entertainment is experiencing faster adoption than anyone had previously anticipated. The advertising community needs to dramatically re-orient its business to serve consumers who increasingly access content in non-linear formats,"
Well, you can imagine that this is exactly where we will position our services to advertisers. Innovation and creativity of is certainly what Playyoo is looking forward to see on the platform.
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