Game Creator Beta is open now

You are cordially invited to join the Playyoo GC Beta. Start creating casual games without being a developer.
Create a free mobile game, an appealing one that matches with what the pros are designing and win one of the cash prizes of our contest..

1) Register here
2) Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email.
3) Click it within 24 hours and it takes you to the "Manage Games" page
4) On that page click "Game creator beta" and voilà you are ready to create your first game
5) For future logins go here.

To support you we setup a Forum. If you prefer email then we listen at [email protected].

You'll find additional help in the manual - carefully crafted by David, the architect.

So enjoy being innovative. Ah yes, if you like to share screenshots with other Playyoos there is a public Flickr-Group.
Let's start a revolution!
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Thomas gets his own press release

If you want to learn a little more about Thomas, just check out the recent press release. Here at the office we're trying to see if his head is growing after being called a "thought leader" across the media. But so far, no changes. All joking aside, Thomas brings a wealth of experience, great ideas, and even greater passion to help build the Playyoo community.


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Game Creator Manual

Hold on a little longer. We still need some time to streamline the registration process for the GC-Beta. The Playyoo Game Creator allows everybody to create mobile casual games in Flash Lite. Stay tunes for the public beta announcement. In the meantime you can browse the manual. Enjoy!
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game creator first views

We are not quite ready for the beta of the Playyoo game creator. Just a few hours away from opening it. But here is a the first page you'll see after registration. You'll see the 6 basic game types/templates for creating a free mobile game. Just select and start the process.
Uploaded with Skitch!
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Flash Lite for Themes

Well Bill Perry's video is not mobile games related and we don't do themes but it shows the niceties you can do with Flash Lite. It's also our technology of choice for Playyoo's casual games.
Bill Perry on Sony Ericsson S500i - Flash Lite Themes

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AdMob Metrics for Oct are out

It's some data about the mobile business. It would be nice if mmetrics would share their data but then it's their only source of revenue I think. But then there still is Mobref. So with triangulation and magic you might be able to get to some point.
AdMob Metrics: "We hope that this data snapshot will provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem. Here are a few interesting bits from the data:

- Dramatic growth in UK ads served
- The iPhone more than doubled share in the US in October.
- SonyEricsson and Samsung gained share in the AdMob network in the UK"
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Democracy and Game Creation

We have something in the works that will enable all casual gamers to be game creators at the same time.

Some might call it the democratization of game creation as amateurs (t d f) flock in. They don't need to have Flash, they don't even have to know to code Flash (or using our free extension for getting the proper Flash Lite code). All they need is a webbrowser. The rest will be done by our Flex-based application. Once you created a game you can test it on an emulator.

Our game creator is in internal beta right now and we here at Playyoo (t d f) already spent a considerable amount of time creating free mobile games. It's addictive I tell you. And it cured my early signs of a nearing cold ;-) - it's really an attention lure.
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Talking about people

Playyoo is a fine place to work. The extended team is spread across several places though. More on that later.

To get everything right in the world of mobile casual gaming we thought having advisors might help us find the the road faster. So today I'll present you 2 of them. We are very proud to have Fabio Selmoni and Michael van Swaaij aboard.

Fabio Selmoni has over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur in the Internet world. Prior to operating as an individual advisor and investor, Fabio was Managing Director of European Sales and Operations at Google. In this role, Fabio spearheaded Google’s entry into multiple European markets and contributed to Google web search partnerships with a number of notable European portals and websites.

Michael van Swaaij is Chief Strategy Officer for eBay Inc, and is responsible for defining the strategic direction for the eBay Inc companies: eBay, PayPal, and Skype. Michael is also the acting CEO of Skype. Michael started and led eBay’s European operations and expansion through green-field start-ups as well as acquisitions

Not to forget about our core team in terms of planning, strategy and else.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.
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Let's roll

Hey Samir, we like this one, do you have another one in the making. With the next software update it'll be online. Since we are getting ready for the launch it may take some time to be public - say around Mid-December.
Anybody else is posting about crafting a casual game for the Playyoo contest?
My first Flash Lite game for Playyoo contest « SAMIR: " I have created a little game in Flash Lite 2 for Playyoo, which I will be uploading to Playyoo in a day or two. Its a simple game where the player need s to hit a ball to put it in the golf hole. Each time diiferent slope will make it difficult to get a successful hit (I my self never crossed a score beyond 3!).
Heya, a second game.
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Getting better

each day. I promise I will. And one day I create my own games (with our Games Creator) with different images.

I spent yesterday's evening with one of the preview games. Before doing that I installed Operamini on my N95. I was surprised to get that screen (see below). But our tech division helped me understand it. It's an Opera issue, the browser doesn't know about the capabilities of the device. Anyway if you continue with the Playyoo button everything works fine. I recommend clicking that Link-Button anyway - even if you are unsure about having a Flash Lite enabled handset.


In terms of playing I wasn't that successful form the start. But improved over time. Still got this bye bye screen. I'm not so much into that kind of imagery but still find it funny. Will try it tonight again.

Screenshot0013 Did I mention that all games on Playyoo will be free as in beer.
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Guess What? Men and women equally enjoy playing casual games

So, just who exactly is playing A Cat's Life? Well, according to a recent study by the Casual Games Association, those who play "simpler games involving shiny gems or lines of colored balls" are equally split among the species -- that's 50-50. The report found that women buy more casual games, but men are just as likely to play them.

"Everyone always thought that casual games were something that only appeal to women," said Jessica Tams, managing director of the association. "We knew these guys were playing these games, but the hardcore gamer who is playing Halo with his buddies isn't going to brag that he just beat the next level of Zuma."

Much to the dismay of machismo, interactive entertainment is unconditional. In other words, task a human with a compelling on-screen objective, and they'll oblige.
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Preso to Adobe User Group

Yesterday we had the chance of getting the word out to professional Flash developers of the Boston User Group. Since Playyoo is a great stage to showcase developer's talent and creativity it's very important to have close connection to this community.

Together with games produced by you and me via our Game Creator tool we will see an interesting competition between the pros and the amateurs. Innovation, in the end, is at the heart of Playyoo as a whole. Let's get ready for the game. Only a few weeks and everybody will be able to match with the developers.
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Advertising the new infotainment

I stumbled about that notion of Dave Winer via Markus Breuer's Twitter (t d f) message
When the time is right... (Scripting News): "'Advertising will get more and more targeted until it disappears, because perfectly targeted advertising is just information.' "
It's a relevant statement to us since advertising will be part of the business model.
On that same day IBM issued a press-release named "IBM Predicts the End of Advertising as We Know It" which I found interesting and confirming our view on that.
To survive in this new reality, broadcasters must change their mass audience mind-set to cater to niche consumer segments, and distributors need to deliver targeted, interactive advertising for a range of multimedia devices.
"Digital entertainment is experiencing faster adoption than anyone had previously anticipated. The advertising community needs to dramatically re-orient its business to serve consumers who increasingly access content in non-linear formats,"
Well, you can imagine that this is exactly where we will position our services to advertisers. Innovation and creativity of is certainly what Playyoo is looking forward to see on the platform.
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Preview of the mobile

For those people in a hurry and those without Flash lite enabled handsets I got some impressions from the mobile: you'll see the start screen and some games. Still the preview though.

Starting with December we will have the actual site for free mobile games up and running. So stay tuned for further insights and news to come.

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Help Spread the Love

Show your support for the Playyoo community and receive some cool stuff.

Publish one of our contest banners to your web site, blog, or community page, and you'll receive a Playyoo kit consisting of a Playyoo t-shirt, cap, mouse pad, and more.

If you'd like to receive the kit, simply publish one of the Playyoo contest banners below (we've got 140x140 and 180x180, both jpg and png) and send an e-mail with the link to [email protected].


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Event: November 19th - Playyoo to Discuss Games Contest with Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group

The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group is holding an online eSeminar on November 19th at 12 PM EST (check your local time), Playyoo members - Chris Pelly, David Mantripp, and Thomas Burg - will all be discussing the Playyoo gaming platform, Flash Lite, details on the Playyoo Games Contest, and more. You can join the Boston Adobe Mobile and Device User Group to participate in the eSeminar and be part of the User Group.


Not a member of the Boston UG or in the Boston area? Not to worry. We'll be making the eSeminar available to all. Stay tuned for more details.


Later that evening, the Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices UG will be holding a meeting at 7 pm at the Asgard Pub in Cambridge to discuss the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest and the Playyoo Games Contest. According to Alessandro Pace, leader of the Americas regional section for the 2007 Flash Lite Game Contest, anyone in the Boston area is welcome - and cool gadgets will be given away. Check out Alessandro's post for more details.

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Curious - Playyoo's design

Since I'm here for only a week I was curious how our platform would look like. David, our CTO - (busy getting things done) - leaked an idea of how the web-interface could look like.

Of course things can change 'til we launch.

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Let's play

This is my step into the game. I'm with Playyoo here in Lugano since last week. Welcome to everybody following us already.

I spent the last 5 years being heavily involved in the social media sphere; I remember back in early 2002 when I got into blogging I was sure that this is a sign for a more mature, promising and socially engaging web. I won't continue this sermon. But I tell you to be here at the intersection of a web and mobile platform that supports all we know about user generated content plus augmenting it into the former specialized area of casual games publishing is fantastic.
Gaming On The Go: "The DS killer for the casual market is not the PSP (t d f) — though Sony would love for this to be so — but the mobile phone."

I will be responsible for community building and marketing at Playyoo. So if you have any input/ideas please contact me live.

What we are aiming at is providing not only an easy-to-use platform for downloading games and socializing around it. Additionally and this is a first: we will provide you - and I mean you as in everybody - with an easy-to-use game creator thus encouraging play and fun on both ends. We will support game creation on a normal user - that means you and I can do it - level with our launch in December.

Ah yes I almost forgot - let me point you to our contest. We really strive to launch in December with a compelling offer. We encourage Flash developers to be among the first to put content on Playyoo and get user feedback (and win prizes ;-).
Let's see - once we are live- what gamers with our game creator can achieve. As you know the notion of democratizing the means of production (thanks for that post Suw) is what keeps the Web 2.0 phenomenon attractive.

What I'm really curious is how a technology like that - compare how YouTube changed the way videos and recently advertising are understood - will change the way we conceive of casual games.
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Snacking on casual games

Casual games have certainly received their fair share of attention recently. The Casual Game Association recently published their 2007 study on casual games — where they projected casual games to be a $2.25 billion a year industry and found that men and women play casual games in roughly the same numbers (although women make up 74% of those actually paying for these games). And on Gamasutra, casual games were likened to the proverbial one-night stand (see: Persuasive Games: Casual as in Sex, Not Friday).


According the Casual Game Special Interest Group, casual games are defined as: “Games that generally involve less complicated game controls and overall complexity in terms of gameplay or investment required to get through game.


The casual game experience has often been compared to “snacking” (David Gosen of I-Play used this phrase in a 2005 Gamsutra interview). Like a snack, one can pick up a casual game quickly. There’s no need to clear out the day’s schedule like you would before sitting down to a four-course meal. There's no lengthy preparation time. And there’s not the same impact on the wallet.
However, while casual games don’t demand the same time commitment as their “hard-core” counterparts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the casual game experience must be short and fleeting. After all, the snack industry would not survive at its gargantuan levels if we all just ate one or two chips at a time, then neatly closed the bag and tucked it away. So-called “casual” gamers can be easily sucked into the electronic black hole of the casual game — and soon find that their three-minute game has turned into a three-hour session. And “casual” gamers can become obsessively passionate about their high scores and statistics.


Accommodating both heads of the coin, and making games that provide an equally compelling experience whether the participant only has three minutes or ends up playing for three hours, offers an exciting challenge for game designers.


First, casual games require minimal directions. Computer Space, the first computerized video game from Atari’s co-founder Nolan Bushnell failed to reach mass production. Why? In Scott Cohen’s Zap! The Rise and Fall of Atari, Bushnell explains, “You had to read the instructions before you could play, people didn’t want to read instructions.”


But that just addresses on side of the coin. The box for the cult two-player board game reads: a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. And while the “Easy to learn, hard to master” mantra has become a little cliché in the game design world, the message is critical: casual games need to be fun from the start without becoming boring no matter how many times they’re played. 
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Devices with Flash Lite

Bill Perry recently updated the Flash Lite device spreadsheet. There are now 60 commercially available Nokia mobile devices, 36 Sony-Ericsson, and 13 BREW devices that have some version of Flash Lite installed (as of November 5). You can access the updated spreadsheet (in PDF) here

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Conversation with Kars Alfrink- social participation, mobile platforms, and more

We sat down with Kars Alfrink-interaction designer, teacher, and consultant for Playyoo-to learn a little about his thoughts on social participation, casual games, and the mobile platform.


What do you think is the significance of bringing the social or participatory aspect into mobile games?

Well, I'd say for one, it adds an extra dimension to play. Traditionally, if you look at games outside the digital world, most games are social by nature-like board games or playground games. It's a weird situation with digital games: for a long time they were mostly focused on the single player. And that's fine, but from a game design perspective, there's nothing more interesting than playing with or against another human being. After all, they exhibit the most interesting behaviors.


Now when it comes to Playyoo, we're targeting a very broad audience. And people have very different needs and motivations-and their ideas of fun are different as well. We want to have multiple levels of engagement. So at the beginning level, users can just casually play a game, or snack on a game, where they might play a game for a few minutes and then put it away. These users just want to play a game, and have fun for a few minutes. The social aspect becomes interesting for people who want to engage with Playyoo at a more intense level. You have people who are into competing; you have people who are into socializing, etc. And we want to cater to these different interests.

Can you give us some examples of how participation is going to enter Playyoo?

Sure, I'm working on something right now that I call the meta-game-which will essentially be an umbrella for the mobile games in Playyoo and will let users compete and collaborate on a different level within the community. For example, users can submit their high scores for a game and check on how their friends are doing. We'll also be creating rewards for various achievements, and let people team up and compete against other teams. And our game creation tool is going to let users participate in the game design experience on a whole new level. And again, if people don't want to participate in these extra activities, that's fine. They'll hopefully still have an enjoyable time playing the mobile games themselves.

What does the term ‘casual game' mean to you?

‘Casual,' to me, says something about the level of attention and engagement that a player has (or is required to have) with the game. For me as a designer, casual games provide interesting challenges. It might seem simple to create these casual games, but they're actually quite tricky to pull off, or pull off well, that is. From a game design perspective, I think it's more challenging to pull off a high quality causal game than yet another first-person shooter game.

Do you think the mobile game experience needs to stay casual?

I definitely would never say that you can only do casual games on the mobile phone. Certainly, there have been efforts to replicate the experience of the console game on the mobile phone. But I don't think that makes a whole lot of sense, because they're such different platforms. However, you can do all kinds of games-any kind of activity can be turned into a mobile casual game. And it certainly doesn't have to be limited to the games we already know, like parlor games or arcade classics. There can be original development on the mobile phone, and I think that's one of the most interesting areas at the moment

You mentioned the difference between the mobile and console platform. What are some of the unique aspects of mobile gaming?

Well, for one, designers can play with the context of use with the mobile phone. Location is the most obvious example of this-and we've already seen this in alternate reality games, where for instance players have to be at a certain place at a certain time to get a message needed to unravel a puzzle or get to the next stage.


I've been teaching a class on mobile game design at the Utrecht School of Arts and I challenge my students to think of interesting things on a mobile phone that you couldn't do anywhere else. And they come up with very interesting examples. For example, in one game, distance traveled becomes a factor. Players try to grow an exotic plant, and the food for that plant is travel. So, the distance-and direction-that players travel feeds back into the game. That might sound kind of conceptual and artsy, but it's a nice example of what you can do with the mobile platform.


Mobile games are often defined as games you can play anywhere, and while traveling, but on another level, I'd say in mobile games, you have to be traveling and be physically in motion. That puts a whole new twist on mobile.


Photo credits: Alper Çuğun /

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