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Shoot at Sight
Tower Of Giza
Spot the Cards
Cheat the Teach
Ludo Cells
Penalty Shootout
Think Fast
The Bee Game
Soccer kick Battle
Silvio Sunshine
Panic Mechanic
Ninja Tactics

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Playyoo wants to be the best place to discover, download, create, play, share and talk about fun games for your mobile. Playyoo will become your mobile games community!

Mobile Games


Everybody has those moments in their day when they've got a few moments to spare. You could be waiting for a train, stuck in a checkout queue, waiting for a friend. Playyoo offers you something to fill those moments with: fun, simple, but compelling games which you can download in a moment from an ever-changing collection. Games which suit your tastes, simple games, puzzles, multi-level games. And that's just the beginning - we have some really cool stuff we're working to bring you in the future.



Playyoo is where mobile game players and game creators will meet to freely exchange mobile games they created. Everyone will be able to upload, download, create, rate, rank, comment, participate in prized contests, create play groups, launch tournaments, exchange ideas, and socialize with other people from around the world that also share a passion for mobile games.

User Generated Content


Everyone in Playyoo can create and publish mobile games. Our innovative tools allow absolutely anybody to create fun games in just a few minutes, and to put them in front of a worldwide audience. People familar with the Adobe Flash editor can also use our supporting tools to easily make Playyoo-compatible games.

The Playyoo community will judge the success and popularity of Playyoo's game creators, by ranking the games, contributing comments, tips, suggestions, and ultimately sharing the games with your friends.



Playyoo is free! Playyoo is fully supported by light advertising included in the games downloads and on the web site. It costs nothing to register, to play, to create, to download.

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